How To: Configure RFID Tags/Cards on the Fanvil i60 Series of Door Phones

May 14, 2024 by jstewart

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Fanvil’s i60 series of door phones are renowned for their reliability and advanced features. These devices produce high-quality audio and video communication, are durable for long-term usage, offer secure access control, support various RFID tags including AC002 and AC102, and more. Our team of VoIP Experts recently encountered an issue, resulting in coming up with a resolution that will ensure your configuration and setup process is as easy as possible in the future! We learned of a small glitch that can occur when configuring AC102 RFID Tags. Avoid using commas between last and first names when configuring the AC102 RFID Tag to an i60 series door phone. Also, your device must be running the newest firmware to be able to configure the RFID tags to the i60 series. The AC002 RFID configures normally.

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