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Yealink Video Conferencing Devices

Whether you are looking for a web camera for your personal meeting or a full-featured video conferencing system for your boardroom, Yealink has you covered! From USB web cameras, Touch Panel Console, to Teams and Zoom compatible devices, here you will find the devices and tools you need for a smooth, professional video conferencing experience!

Why Yealink’s Video Conferencing Devices?

  • Teams & Zoom Compatible
  • Easy to set up
  • A variety of solutions for different sized rooms

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  1. Yealink A20 MeetingBar for Teams w/ VCR20 Remote A20-010-TEAMS 1206612

    SKU: 02-130501

    The Yealink A20 MeetingBar is designed for use in huddle rooms and small spaces and Certified for use with MS Teams. This MeetingBar comes with a Yealink VCR20 remote that allows users to easily control their existing UVC cameras.
  2. Yealink MeetingBar A20 Zoom Rooms System with CTP18 Touch Console 1206616

    SKU: 02-130514

    The Yealink A20 Zoom Rooms system includes the Yealink MeetingBar with the CTP18 Touchscreen control panel creating Zoom solution designed for small spaces.
  3. Yealink 1106971 Teams Rooms system for Small Room MVC400-C3-000

    SKU: 02-133026

    The Yealink MVC400-C3-000 Microsoft Teams Rooms System for Small rooms is a native and easy-to-use video conferencing solution that includes an all-in-one USB video bar, a Yealink MTouch II Touch Panel and a Yealink MCore Pro Mini-PC that was specially designed for Microsoft Teams rooms.
  4. Yealink 1106972 Teams Rooms system for Small rooms MVC320-C3-050

    SKU: 02-133027

    The Yealink MVC320-C3-050 Yealink Teams Rooms system for Small rooms provides everything you need to interact, connect, and collaborate with internal and external users seamlessly and intelligently in your conference room and includes an MCore Mini-PC, MTouch II touch panel, UVC30-Room 4K USB camera, MSpeech smart USB speakerphone.
  5. Yealink 1203680 Android Video Collaboration Bar A10-010

    SKU: 02-133087

    Introducing Yealink MeetingBar A10: The all-in-one video collaboration bar for workspace and huddle rooms and certified for Teams and Zoom. With 4K camera, AI features, and excellent audio quality, A10 ensures smarter and safer video conferences.
  6. Yealink 1203684 Android Video Collaboration Kit A10-020

    SKU: 02-133088

    The Yealink 1203684 Android Video Collaboration Kit A10-020 is an Android based video conferencing solution that is perfect for the common workspace area or huddle room space.
  7. Yealink ZVC400-C3-000 Zoom Rooms System for Small Meeting Rooms 1109931

    SKU: 02-133175

    Elevate small meeting rooms with the Yealink ZVC400-C3-000 Zoom Rooms System. Experience seamless collaboration and immersive audio/video quality.
  8. Yealink 1106965 Native Teams Room System for Medium-Large Rooms MVC860-C3-211

    SKU: 02-133194

    Yealink 1106965 MVC860-C3-211 - Native Microsoft Teams Rooms system for Medium-to-Large rooms
  9. Yealink MeetingBoard for Small & Medium Rooms MB65-A001 1303066

    SKU: 02-133381

    Yealink MeetingBoard consists of a 4k camera, crystal-clear speaker, full-duplex microphones, and a 65/86 inch collaboration whiteboard to provide an immersive meeting experience and allow collaboration anytime, anywhere. With the 4K camera and powerful encoding and decoding capabilities, MeetingBoard realizes truly smooth and stable HD Teams meetings. Powered by AI technology, the camera brings diverse views such as Auto Framing, Speaker Tracking, Multi-Focus Framing and Picture-in-Picture. MeetingBoard's responsive display and inventive features such as premium inking, collaborative diagrams, fluid components, and other rich content, help boost team creativity and productivity. Powered by the Microsoft Whiteboarding, it ensures a seamless real-time collaboration during brainstorming, project planning or problem solving by simple clicks on the smart board.
  10. Yealink A20-020 Video Bar & Touch Panel Kit 1206651

    SKU: 02-132976

    The Yealink A20-020 Video Bar & Touch Panel Kit offers a professional grade, easy to use, plug-and-play solution for users in huddle rooms and small meeting spaces.

Items 1 to 10 of 72 total

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