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Axis is probably one of the most well known names in IP surveillance. They were the first on the scene completely dedicated to video over Internet Protocol back in the late 90′s and are still industry leaders today. Like all manufacturers, they have a naming matrix that might not make sense at first, but it’s pretty easy to decipher.

Axis created their own naming convention chart (image below) to educate their buyers of the cameras for at-a-glance understanding.


In this example, the P3367-VE breaks down into meaning it’s meant for a versatile and secure advanced video solution, it’s a fixed dome camera, P33 series, supports 5 or more Megapixels, housed in a vandal resistant outdoor enclosure.


Using another example such as the P7224, it …

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If you’ve been looking at a MOBOTIX solution, chances are you’ve noticed MOBOTIX cameras record in all the expected compression’s, and then in an extra compression: MxPEG. You may be asking yourself ‘What is this MxPEG? How does it compare to H.264?’ Let me help you out with that.

Video recorded in HDTV (1920 x 1080) is compressed in H.264. It was created for broadcasting high definition video, which is why nowadays it’s the most common video compression out there. While it’s ideal for bandwidth conservation, when paused on a frame, there is a fuzziness to the image. A minor inconvenience really. It’s usually acceptable, which is why most surveillance companies allow H.264 as one of their compression options, but MOBOTIX wasn’t satisfied.

As a …

Known for their long lasting, robust, and unique IP cameras, MOBOTIX has been one of the leaders in the IP surveillance market for years. Recently MOBOTIX standardized all their models to 5 MP from 3 MP and their latest leading update has been to their AllroundDual M15, which they utilized one of the dual lens modules with a thermal lens.

MOBOTIX MX-M15D Thermal gif

What is it?


The new MOBOTIX MX-M15D-Thermal is an AllroundDual IP Camera perfect for situations that require a decentralized system in an environment that usually has poor visibility. A thermal camera is preferable when you need to know what is around the perimeter but visibility conditions make it hard to capture clear images on camera. The M15D-Thermal was created to detect hotter than average body …

Grandstream announced today the release of their new outdoor, day/night IP camera: the Grandstream GXV3674_HD_VF.

What is it?

A few years ago Grandstream began their surveillance line card with a few indoor cameras with no optical zoom and daytime use only. Now Grandstream has expanded their selection of IP Surveillance products to choose from, which is excellent, especially if you already have a Grandstream VoIP system. The latest of their IP surveillance products is the new Grandstream GXV3674_HD_VF outdoor day/night camera.

The GXV3674_HD_VF has 2-way audio and is SIP compatible, meaning if you have a GXV3175 or a GXV3140, you can tune in to your surveillance footage directly from your deskphone (you can also view from your mobile device; Grandstream is flexible like that). …

The T24 Door Station from MOBOTIX is more than just a doorbell, security camera, intercom system, keyless entry…well, it’s more than you might think it is. If you thought the T24 Door Station was all of this and more, then, OK, it’s exactly what you think it is.

The MOBOTIX T24 IP Video Door Station is an incredible addition to the safety and security of any residence, business, or warehouse. Now available at VoIP Supply, you can custom create your very own T24 Door Station to whatever your needs may demand. However, all those parts can be incredibly daunting and the part numbers tend to be confusing to someone looking at it for the first time, so we’ve created this in-depth guide to T24 door …

The upcoming July issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine will be featuring several cool topics, but possibly the coolest is the winner of the TMC Labs Innovation Award Winner for 2013.  This award is granted to “products that have demonstrated innovation, unique features, and noteworthy developments toward improving communications technologies.” It is not based on best sellers or name brands, but on actual, innovative improvement.  And we know who won it.

This year the Grandstream GXV3672 Series of infrared IP cameras has taken the prize.

TMC’s CEO Rich Tehrani announced, “We’re pleased to bestow Grandstream with a Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award.  The GXV3672 IP Video Camera has show true innovation and is deserving of recognition.”

“Businesses are investing in IP video surveillance as a …

Higher Megapixels are all the rage in IP cameras. Who can blame it? In a world of HDTV, higher resolution is a seductive quality. Details that have been missed for decades are now clearly defined, for better or for worse. When converting this over to surveillance, that paradigm is exactly what someone is looking for in their security system.

Several manufacturers have been quick to respond with higher resolution cameras, but strangely, the larger name brands such as Axis, SONY, Panasonic, and MOBOTIX were slow to respond. When speaking with the engineers at these companies, one comes to discover that higher resolution is not a simple cut-and-dry process.

The technology behind pixels is actually quite interesting. In simplest terms, think of pixels as units …

ACTi at VoIP Supply

This year ACTi has done something very bold and very brave. Beginning in Q1 of 2013, this top network camera company started rolling out several new cameras. It’s not just a few new models; it’s entire new lines.

Currently in the process of fading out their popular TCM series, ACM series and KCM series cameras, ACTi has released 2 new lines so far with 2 more to come later in the year.

ACTi did an excellent job by identifying exactly what a problem was with crossing over to IP cameras. The plain truth is, IP cameras are expensive. They’re really expensive when compared to some analog cameras. Understanding this, ACTi released the D series IP cameras.

The D series is directly aimed towards analog users. …

panasonic summer savings
Summer break is almost here! Now is the perfect time to bring your school’s security system up to date while the students are away.

From now until the end of September, select Panasonic IP Video Surveillance Cameras are on sale at VoIP Supply. Panasonic i-Pro Cameras deliver top performance, functionality, and reliability that you can count on when you need it most.

Cover the parking lots, sports fields and parameters of the school with the weatherproof WV-SW395 or WV-SW396 with 720p HD resolution, facial recognition, and Panasonic’s Adaptive Black Stretch technology so it adjusts the image to fluctuating light.

Don’t forget about the safety on busses with the vandal-proof mobile IP camera WV-SW155 that features face detection, EN50155 compliance, IEC60529 measurement standards, an SD card slot …

AXIS M1004-WAXIS recently announced that they are currently in the works for releasing a new affordable wireless camera, and it’s looking better than anything before!

As a leader in the IP surveillance industry, AXIS is known for their top line cameras, which unfortunately also tend to correlate with high prices. In efforts to reach out and provide for small retail, offices, and home users, AXIS is set to release the AXIS M1004-W, a small and cost effective IP camera, complete with 720p HD resolution!

This new addition to the AXIS M10 Series is going to be an excellent step up allowing budget conscious buyers to reap the benefits of:

  • 1280×800 pixel resolution/progressive scan/HDTV color fidelity
  • 16:9 widescreen and AXIS Corridor Format
  • Input/output ports
  • Support for Wi-Fi

The funny thing about model numbers is they sort of make sense, but not always. Fortunately, VoIP Supply is here to help with our dedication to help make the buying process easier! Today we discuss the naming convention of a particular favorite brand of mine, Vivotek:


  • IP (ex: IP8331) — Network. Think of it as IP, like Internet Protocol, even though all of Vivotek’s cameras are network cameras (and most are PoE, though not all), this naming convention tends to be the default for most box, cube, and bullet cameras.


  • MD (ex: MD8562) — Mobile Dome; weatherproof and compliant with EN50155 standards, these IP cameras are specifically made to go places be it cars, buses, or trains (so does