Hi all you IPCS fanatics! In order to further help you when considering buying an IP camera, we are going to have some educational blogs on this site. There are many terms that buyers should know in order to learn the basics of IP cameras and surveillance. Therefore, we are going to have an ‘IPCS Word of the Day’ to expand our readers’ and potential customers’ knowledge base. If there are any terms you are confused about, please let us know!

And today’s word of the day: Analog.

Analog = Precursor to digital IP. DVR’s and analog video cameras fall under this classification as they do not use IP as their primary mechanism.…

We’re here!

Welcome to the IP Camera Supply Blog!

We noticed a lot of folks out there have a lot of questions about IP cameras, and not a lot of places to turn for information… so we are officially here to help. Our sister company, VoIP Supply, runs a very successful blog, VoIP Insider, which features product reviews, industry news, commentary, and even management pointers. We would like very much for the IPCS blog to become just as helpful and informative.

Blogs are now setting the industry standard for information dispersal. Forums still provide a great link to knowledge and interaction, but blogs also accomplish this in a more thorough format.

We have great plans for our blog including product reviews, our latest …