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The helpful folks at IP Video Market have put together an alphabetical list of the default usernames and passwords for the top IP camera manufacturers to help speed up your set-up time and serve as a quick reference.

Below is a sample list.  For the full list click here, IP Cameras Default Passwords Directory.

Default Username/Password List

  • ACTi: admin/123456 or Admin/123456
  • Axis: traditionally root/pass, new Axis cameras require password creation during first login
  • Cisco: No default password, requires creation during first login
  • Grandstream: admin/admin
  • IQinVision: root/system
  • Mobotix: admin/meinsm
  • Panasonic: admin/12345
  • Samsung Electronics: root/root or admin/4321
  • Samsung Techwin (old): admin/1111111
  • Samsung Techwin (new): admin/4321
  • Sony: admin/admin
  • Trendnet: admin/admin
  • Toshiba: root/ikwd
  • Vivotek: root/<blank>


Vivotek has released a new series of extreme weatherproof speed dome IP cameras.  Aimed at replacing earlier models, the new Vivotek SD83xxE PTZ cameras will of course have IP66 rated enclosures for tough outdoor conditions from snow to desert extremes.

The new Vivotek Outdoor PTZ IP camera series will also provide:

  • Joystick controlled PTZ features with 360° continuous pan and 90° tilt functionality with automatic patrol option.
  • H.264 compression including MPEG4 and MJPEG encoding for flexible video streaming tailored to your needs.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Pro support for challenging lighting conditions.
  • IR-cut filter for true day/night functionality.
  • Local data storage on an SD/SDHC card slot.

Model Differences

The main differentiating factors in the new models are resolution and optical zoom capabilities:

  • SD8311E:  18x optical zoom at 720×480 D1

If you’re looking to buy a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or especially a configurable NVR like those with QNAP that offer your choice of storage, there may be a shipment delay due to flooding in Thailand that is affecting hard drive production.

The damage from flooding could keep factories closed for months so manufacturers who have an immediate hard drive need are stocking up quickly.  The last few months of 2011 are expected to be tight and Q1 2012 could be slow when the true impact of this disaster is felt.

If you’re looking into buying an NVR or anything else with a hard drive, sooner rather than later may be the best option as there’s no telling how long the wait could be.

Via …

Entry level IP cameras are dropping in price and are easier to install than you think.  Unlike webcams, IP cameras are standalone devices the don’t need a continuously running computer to allow them to operate.  Plus, you can access images from your IP camera anywhere, including mobile phones.

Nik Rawlinson of CNET writes “How to set up a cheap home security system using Dynamic DNS” and outlines, in great detail, the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Site your IP camera
  2. Sign up to free Dynamic DNS forwarding
  3. Set up your router

That’s all you need to start monitoring your cats from work.

Home IP Camera Suggestions

Here’s a few affordable indoor IP cameras that are great for home, office, or vacation home use.  Wired and wireless …

Mobotix’s Outdoor IP Cameras are made from a fiberglass-reinforced plastic that’s normally used to manufacture hard-wearing exterior car components. 

So it’s no surprise that a solar powered Mobotix M12 camera is now the world’s highest webcam at 18,514 feet (5,643 meters) on the Kala Patthar mountain.

Mobotix Outdoor IP Cameras are deployed in arctic and desert extremes with an operating temperature range of -22° F (-30° C) to over 140° F (60° C). And with a low power consumption, temperatures inside a Mobotix camera remain temperate resulting in a longer life span. 

Perched on the Kala Patthar mountain to provide high definition, megapixel views of Mount Everest, the world’s highest Mobotix IP camera is being used with the world’s highest weather station on Mount Everest as part …

ACTi Dome IP Cameras have IP66 rated waterproof casings but, as ACTi points out, the cameras are only as waterproof as your installation.

Translation:  ACTi dome IP cameras can only guarante weather imperviousness if both the camera and Ethernet cable are properly sealed off.

How to achieve watertight installation:

  • Employ waterproof junction box.
  • Use waterproof flex conduit to protect Ethernet cabling.
  • Mount flex conduit to camera using conduit gland / conduit fitting (not included with camera, sold separately).

ACTi dome IP cameras have a 3/4″ diameter side opening which you’ll need to know when purchasing the conduit gland/fitting.  The diameter of the conduit hose you want to use is up to you but it should obviously be wide enough to accomodate the head of the Ethernet cable.…









No, these aren’t images of ironically dressed hipsters culled from the pages of an Urban Outfitters catalog but rather the uncovered surveillance archives of the East German secret police, the Stasi.

Photographer Simon Menner’s dicovery and display of this archive is not meant to be humourous, it’s a reminder to the viewer of the overbearing nature of government agencies as Menner remarked to Reuters reporter Sarah Marsh:

“These were used during courses on how to dress up and blend into society,” the 33 year-old artist said. “They seem pretty absurd now, but it was meant seriously — this is evil stuff.”

Other photos revealed that Polaroids were used to document how an apartment was arranged before a …

Strapping an indoor dome IP camera to an IV stand and calling it a medical device for radiologists only works if you’re Sony.

It’s also not just any old IP camera or portable stand.  Sony is using its SNC-RH124 dual streaming, HD, 360 degree rapid dome IP camera that incorporatings state-of-the-art image-enhancement technologies in a compact body including 10x zoom that allow users to capture clear and bright images in challenging environments.

MD2GO Rolling Medical Stand

Coupled with the SNC-RH124 is Sony’s MD2GO rolling stand specifically designed for medical applications that forms a remote HD IP camera system.

The Sony MD2GO system has just been introduced to the radiology field at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) this week:

“The system

If you’re fabulous enough to have received an intive to the exclusive Google+, the latest social media splash, you might also like to know that their Hangouts feature offers an easy way to set up simple home surveillance monitoring.

Google+ Hangouts offers face-to-face video chats with several of your friends at the same time.  But what if you were just using two of your own personal accounts with one of the account’s webcam trained on an area of interest? 

That’s what a Lifehacker reader did and explained the process and results of using Google+ Hangouts with a webcam to keep watch over your house:

You can use Google Hangouts as an on demand remote camera viewer. First, create a second Google Account, and put the alternate account in its own circle. Then,

Keep watch on your IP surveillance cameras at all times even when you’re not at home or in the office.

ACTi’s MobileGo! software connects to your NVR to allow live viewing and camera control remotely via iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Free App

It’s a free application and when installed on your devices you’ll gain:

  1. Easy access to live view
  2. PTZ control: Pan, Tilt and Zoom control available for ACTi PTZ cameras, including preset points.
  3. Search and Playback video with both time based and event based search functions.

NOTE:  The free Android version will be available in Q4, 2011.