The VoIP Supply President, Paula Griffo, and I just got back from the MOBOTIX East Coast Partner Conference on Friday and are we excited where this security company is going!

VOIP Supply and MOBOTIX have had a beautiful relationship for years. When the MOBOTIX Partner Program went into effect last year, VoIP Supply was immediately an Advanced Partner. We’ve been trained on the products and we can get directly on the phone with MOBOTIX, which is a huge benefit to you, our customers.

If you’re not familiar with MOBOTIX, they are a full solution surveillance company. Dr. Ralf Hinkle founded the company back in 1999 in Germany by building a DVR directly into an IP camera. This decentralized system was revolutionary, and since then MOBOTIX …

If you’ve been looking at a MOBOTIX solution, chances are you’ve noticed MOBOTIX cameras record in all the expected compression’s, and then in an extra compression: MxPEG. You may be asking yourself ‘What is this MxPEG? How does it compare to H.264?’ Let me help you out with that.

Video recorded in HDTV (1920 x 1080) is compressed in H.264. It was created for broadcasting high definition video, which is why nowadays it’s the most common video compression out there. While it’s ideal for bandwidth conservation, when paused on a frame, there is a fuzziness to the image. A minor inconvenience really. It’s usually acceptable, which is why most surveillance companies allow H.264 as one of their compression options, but MOBOTIX wasn’t satisfied.

As a …

Known for their long lasting, robust, and unique IP cameras, MOBOTIX has been one of the leaders in the IP surveillance market for years. Recently MOBOTIX standardized all their models to 5 MP from 3 MP and their latest leading update has been to their AllroundDual M15, which they utilized one of the dual lens modules with a thermal lens.

MOBOTIX MX-M15D Thermal gif

What is it?


The new MOBOTIX MX-M15D-Thermal is an AllroundDual IP Camera perfect for situations that require a decentralized system in an environment that usually has poor visibility. A thermal camera is preferable when you need to know what is around the perimeter but visibility conditions make it hard to capture clear images on camera. The M15D-Thermal was created to detect hotter than average body …

The T24 Door Station from MOBOTIX is more than just a doorbell, security camera, intercom system, keyless entry…well, it’s more than you might think it is. If you thought the T24 Door Station was all of this and more, then, OK, it’s exactly what you think it is.

The MOBOTIX T24 IP Video Door Station is an incredible addition to the safety and security of any residence, business, or warehouse. Now available at VoIP Supply, you can custom create your very own T24 Door Station to whatever your needs may demand. However, all those parts can be incredibly daunting and the part numbers tend to be confusing to someone looking at it for the first time, so we’ve created this in-depth guide to T24 door …


Good things come to those who wait, and our patience has finally paid off! MOBOTIX just announced their new app for iPhones, iPods, iPads and iPad Minis and it looks, for lack of a better term, totally awesome.

The MOBOTIX app, simply titled “MOBOTIX”, is compatible with the T24 IP Video Door Station and most MOBOTIX IP cameras. The beauty of this German company is they make an outstanding product: MOBOTIX cameras have no moving parts so there is no mechanical wear and tear, they’re at least IP65 rated for outdoor or indoor use, and can operate in extreme conditions from literally Zugspitze peak to the controlled atmosphere of the Vatican vaults. And this app was specifically created to use the Megapixel lenses, …

This week, VoIP Supply, an Advanced Mobotix Partner–the highest level partnership available–attended the MOBOTIX NPC in Fort Lauderdale, FL for 2 days of sun (we’re in Buffalo, so Florida was very much appreciated), food, and a whole lot of MOBOTIX goodness!

About 150 business professionals from around the States, Canada and Mexico gathered to meet and greet the MOBOTIX leadership team including the General Manager of the Americas – Steve Gorski, Director of Training -Jens Wirok, and the Chief Executive Officer USA -Dr. Mangus Ekerot.

The hot topic at hand was the newly released MOBOTIX S14 Flexmount, a sleek and stylish IP camera unlike anything else available to the public.  The S14 can connect 1 or 2 MOBOTIX hemispheric lens units with an …

Mobotix’s Outdoor IP Cameras are made from a fiberglass-reinforced plastic that’s normally used to manufacture hard-wearing exterior car components. 

So it’s no surprise that a solar powered Mobotix M12 camera is now the world’s highest webcam at 18,514 feet (5,643 meters) on the Kala Patthar mountain.

Mobotix Outdoor IP Cameras are deployed in arctic and desert extremes with an operating temperature range of -22° F (-30° C) to over 140° F (60° C). And with a low power consumption, temperatures inside a Mobotix camera remain temperate resulting in a longer life span. 

Perched on the Kala Patthar mountain to provide high definition, megapixel views of Mount Everest, the world’s highest Mobotix IP camera is being used with the world’s highest weather station on Mount Everest as part …

With Mobotix announcing a 50% year-over-year revenue growth in the America’s, it wants to continue that growth by focusing on their hemispheric technology.

Specifically, in addition to their full line that offers high-resolution capabilities, Mobotix is looking to Mobotix Q24expand their market with unique offereings such as:

Mobotix expects a strong year and has stated that these cameras are “in high demand due Mobotix T24to the products’ superior image quality, decentralized infrastructure, low upfront cost and long-term return-on-investment.”

With their decentralized approach Mobotix IP Cameras also utilize the following advantages:

  • High-speed computer and internal flash memory card (SD/MicroSD card) to enable all recording and storage to occur within the camera.
  • Reduced need for a separate PC or

he Mobotix T24 Door Station IP Camera is a unique product.  Fully weatherproof and rated for outdoor use, this IP camera acts like a sentry to guard and grant access to your entrance way and you don’t even need to physically be there to monitor or interact with people.

Because it’s IP-based and the way it’s designed, you can access the T24′s functions from anywhere you are with a video phone, a computer, or a tablet/iPad.

And with its hemispheric lens that captures a 180 degree, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling panoramic view, no one can sneak by without you seeing them plus:

  • Two-way video conversation from anywhere in the world.
  • Record with sound.
  • Keyless entry option and remotely open doors.

For a great write-up and detailed …

Mobotix prides itself on being the high resolution video company because the benefits of their megapixel IP cameras are: 

  • The images produced are more revealing and provide stronger evidence.
  • Mobotix IP cameras record approximately 30 times more detail than 95% of all existing video systems worldwide.
  • High-detail resolution means fewer cameras and reduced amount of cabling, backup-power requirement and storage systems; Thus minimizing the overall system cost.
  • An entire room can be monitored with one 90° wide-angle lens camera positioned in a corner of a room. 

Those are great features that can be advantageous to many surveillance situations.  Plus, with their rough and tumble fiberglass-reinforced housing that allow an extreme operating temperature range of -30° C to +60° C (-22° F to +140° F), Mobotix …