By now I’m sure you’ve noticed solar powered parking ticket machines, lights, and signs on the side of the road or on highways.  Solar powered ticket machineSeems like a great way to save on energy costs and place a display anwhere it’s needed without the constraint of running wires.

What about doing the same for IP cameras that are needed in remote areas or in places where running lines for power just isn’t an economical option?

SentryView Systems provides a remote IP surveillance solution that can utilize both solar and wind power with SentryPost™

The system is designed to operate with solar & wind power generation as either the primary power supply for off-grid installations, or as a backup to mains power to keep the surveillance system operational during brown-out and black-out conditions.

Laura Williams of Security Products was at the recent ICS West show and talked with Tom Weis of SentryView Systems:

The flexibility of self-powered solutions, said Tom Weis of SentryView Systems, is what makes them attractive. Solar and wind power, and generators in some installations that require high capabilities, can allow surveillance units to be placed in areas where electrical power is not typically available – deserts, the proverbial water pump 200 miles from any sort of town, or anywhere where digging trenches for electrical power would be prohibitively expensive.

Designed to be self-powered, these systems are geared towards remote areas that are off the grid where it’s hard to get power and they can be customized to an area’s weather patterns:

Weis said that the company’s engineers usually build these units to suit the characteristics of each installation, based both on customers’ wants and the climate of the area. Customers can put pretty much anything on the towers, including varying powers of IP or analog surveillance cameras, encoders, heaters and blowers, DVRs or NVRs, wireless networks and proximity sensors.

“It can be a blank canvas that you can paint any type of security device on,” Weis said

Even with good reactions at the trade show, expectations are tempered:

“We don’t think that people are going to take down all the systems that they have, or tear the wires out of the ground just to put our systems in,” he said. “Where our sweet spot is is in augmenting surveillance, in getting to remote areas.”




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