I’ve been talking about the different video storage options for your IP surveillance system and I happened across a good article that goes into more detail about server-based, network-based, and camera-based storage architectures.  Additionaly, the redundant storage options that focus around RAID and hot standby servers.

There’s an interesting mention too about the growing capacity and reliablity of the on-board camera storage options of flash drives and SD cards — that eventually months or even years worth of video will be able to be stored within a camera.

Check out “Eye on Video: New storage media; Revolutionizing the way we archive video,” by Fredrick Nilsson, GM of the Americas for Axis Communications:

Until recently, storage was a bottleneck for video surveillance and represented a very large part of the cost – not to mention a point of contention between physical security managers and their IT counterparts. Exponential advancements in storage media and architecture, however, are rapidly changing that.

More efficient H.264 compression, along with capacity doubling on a yearly basis, and more reliable solid-state storage media are giving users more flexible, redundant and cost-effective options than ever before. We have come so far with storage technology already that it makes the days of changing video tapes every eight hours seem like ancient history. In another 15 years, today’s solutions and recording times will probably seem like ancient history, too.



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