There’s a small two-wheeled surveillance robot that’s been used by the military in combat zones called the Throwbot made by Recon Robotics.

The name implies that you can physically hurl this device wherever it’s needed and that’s true. Check out the video for a demonstration.

Matthew Lasar’s article Army sruveillance bot approved for use by police, fireman at Ars Technica explains that while military tools are often just as useful to local law enforcement and fire departments, the problem Recon Robotics had with putting the Throwbot into domestic use was getting permission from the FCC to allow live video feed transmission from the device.

Emergency responders urged the FCC to allow them use of the Throwbot as a “life saving tool” that would help them save themselves from injury, or worse.

Despite opposition from petitioners, the FCC issued a waiver that allows limited use of the contested spectrums to broadcast live surveillance video.

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