Nanny Cameras translated

So essentially what were talking about today is IP surveillance in the home, or as you may have seen splashed across any and all media outlets, the use of Nanny Cams. The long and short of it is your security and piece of mind when you are away is what I am talking about here. It’s crazy right? No? Well good and to those out there who think its boring and your house and children don’t need a camera watching over them your house probably just got broken into. Ok, that’s a little bit dramatic but seriously you have got to become more hip to your families security, it is 2008. All you need is a camera and a recorder what else do you have to remember? Well a bit so here goes.
A 4 camera nanny cam setup

First and foremost…what the heck is a nanny cam

Well it’s a camera…obviously! It’s a camera that is used to watch over your kids when you are not around (not to be confused with a responsible babysitter of course).

Nanny Cams with remote access = IP Network Cameras

An IP network camera is similar in form and function to an analog surveillance camera in that it captures and sends live video streams, except that with IP Cameras the live video streams are transported via digital packets across an IP network such as a LAN (Local Area Network)or the Internet. Which enables you the parent to log in from work and see exactly what little Timmy is up to. So because IP Network Cameras are on an IP network, the video streams can be accessed and stored remotely. This enables users to view and/or manage the IP camera using a standard Web browser or video management software from different locations, giving businesses increased flexibility and visibility into the lives of your children when you are away or even at your desk at work. It’s piece of mind and it will give you the satisfaction in knowing that the babysitter that you have entrusted the well being of your children with is doing a great job!



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