entlogo-2009In the article “How the Recession Saved One Company” Entrepreneur.com highlights our CEO and founder, Ben Sayers.Entrepreneur Mag_Ben_Sayers_05_2011

Part of Entrepreneur.com’s ”Small Business Comebacks” series, the article takes a look at the tough choices Sayers had to make heading into the 2008 recession that lead to VoIP Supply’s turnaround and the lessons learned from the experience.

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Note:  This is the final segment of a two part article that examines a switch back to traditional phone service from VoIP and other user’s experiences. Part I is here.

Part I was a look at reasons users might take a step back from the growing VoIP usage and return to a traditional, analog phone system.

Admittedly, VoIP isn’t for everyone which is why there are still other options but after having read Renai LeMay’s story, “Why I’m Ditching VoIP for the PSTN,” I wanted to know if this sort of technological backtracking was a trend or an isolated occurrence.

To get a sense of whether or not VoIP service represents a burger grilled to perfection for some or is still undercooked for others (Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!), I sought the opinions …

Abby Johnson of WebProNews interviewed the co-founder of Vonage, Jeff Pulver, about VoIP and how the broadband phone company got its start.

Pulver talks about his roots in amateur radio, the first social media, where he learned to ”listen, connect, share, and engage with people.”

With no background in telecommunications he accepts that he’s known as the “Forrest Gump of communications” but won’t apologize for being lucky.

Instead, Pulver is focused on his fascination of the evolving social web and how people connect with people. 

Having warned phone companies of the challenges they’ll face if they dont understand social media, Pulver’s efforts are now directed to wherever people are having a conversation with iniatives like the 140 Character Conference aimed at the worldwide Twitter community and the effects of real-time internet on businesses.

At a TedXObserver event in London last month author, activist, journalist, and blogger Cory Doctorow gave a talk outlining the ways we’re undervaluing our privacy in an era of full disclosure and 24/7 surveillance and asks the question:

“How do we get kids to care about online privacy?”

Doctorow states that Facebook uses “powerful game like mechanisms to reward disclosure” comparing it to B.F. Skinner’s theory of using social reinforcement to strengthen a desired behavior – Like giving away information.

Making Facebook Less Creepy

Parents and schools will spy on everything in the attempt to keep them safe but this may groom them for an existence where constant internet surveillance is considered legitimate, normal, and good ”teaching them to systematically undervalue their privacy years before they reach Facebook.” 

When too much of …

Note:  This is the first of a two part article that examines a switch back to traditional phone service from VoIP and other user’s experiences.  Click here for Part II.

While VoIP Supply will undoubtedly sing the praises of switching to a Voice over IP telephony system we do realize that there can be hurdles when you’re trying to get the best call quality and the most reliable service.

In fact, a recurring theme that you’ll notice in our “how to” articles under our article categories like VoIP Education, VoIP Gateways, or VoIP systems is:  Be Realistic.

There’s considerably more upside to VoIP than just cost savings but at the same time we understand that the technology can be a little temperamental and as noted previously, VoIP technology will be the fastest growing U.S. industry in the next five

In April it was announced that a new app from T-Mobile called Bobsled would allow users to make free VoIP calls through Facebook.

Turns out that announcement was a little premature as the service was shelved within a week of its launch due to confusion that Bobsled was actually an official Facebook program.

But, T-Mobile is expected to bring back the VoIP service early next week.  Thanks to FiecreMobileContent for the update and you can read more here and here.…

Imagine you’ve been detained as a suspected terrorist.  Only you’re a U.S. citizen, a university professor, and have a valid passport.

The U.S. terrorist watch list - the party that’s too easy to get invited to, and too hard to leave even when you don’t belong.  But that’s where Hasan Elahi wound up when he was mistaken for somebody else and thought to be stockpiling explosives.  

Hasan Baba interviewed Elahi for San Francisco’s KALW radio station and explains that:

He was eventually cleared, but the experience inspired him to launch a project called “Hiding in Plain Sight” in which he photographs every single detail of his daily life – no matter how mundane – and uploads it on his website for the world – and the FBI – to see.

VoIP Supply_Ruckus_Wireless

VoIP Supply is excited to give our smart customers a lot more options than we’ve previously offered and a very solid choice for high capacity and innovative Wi-Fi networking .  We’re happy to announce the addition of Ruckus Wireless products specialized for both enterprise and service provider markets.

Routing Wi-Fi signals can be unreliable due to interference, obstacles, and the sometimes erratic behavior of wireless signals themselves.  Ruckus Wireless has developed “Smart Wi-Fi” to combat those barriers to a secure wireless network and restore faith in what companies love about Wi-Fi.

“VoIP Supply is excited to offer revolutionary Wi-Fi products from a manufacturer with such an impressive track record,” said Garrett Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at VoIP Supply.   “Today’s Wi-Fi systems face increasing levels of interference and obstacles.  Ruckus delivers the unthinkable –

Right in step with a new report forecasting VoIP as the fastest growing U.S. industry over the next five years and E-commerce closing in with the third highest projected growth rate, VoIP Supply has added an executive and promoted from within.

Michael Russo Named Executive V.P.

Michael Russo has been named as Executive Vice President and joins VoIP Supply to oversee its VoIP Fulfillment by VoIP Supply division which offers provisioning and logistics for voice over IP service providers.

Mr. Russo previously worked as Director Sales & Marketing with Crosswater Digital Media, LLC and brings with him over 10 years of experience as a director or VP of sales and marketing and is a graduate of New York University – Tisch School of the Arts (B.A. Performing Arts). 

“VoIP Supply is

The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson reviews a report from IBISWorld stating that little ‘ole Voice over IP leads a list of the ten most dynamic industries and will be the fastest growing U.S. industry in the next five years

Good news for us, obviously, but encouraging for all VoIP users.  Cost savings and greater efficiencies from IP convergence are great but can still come at the expense of call quality and reliability. 

This continued and fast growth in the VoIP industry means greater and faster innovations to benefit us all in user experience and ROI.  And the exciting part is what’s up around the corner – The emergence of a real and usable mobile VoIP:

“The popularity of Android gives Google a platform to launch a big cheap mobile VoIP campaign.

Vonage World already offers customers unlimited