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The constant traveler was one of the reasons that Video Conferencing was invented. This role has been altered in a good way – now the road warrior is actually the jet-setter who cannot be tied to an office. Typically this person is the one who works sometimes from home, the local beanery, or during vacation!

You have to live your life, and you have to work – Video Conferencing lets you do both! Ad-hoc meetings are always a possibility with the limitless nature of Video Conferencing. Stop rescheduling life for work and work for life. Here’s your cake and here’s your fork…

What are my options?

Laptops, tablets, smartphones… choose your weapon. No matter what you have in mind, the Bring-Your-Own-Device movement makes communication simple. …

Whether you are a work-from-home parent, or a partial commuter, working from home can present a “Team Environment” challenge. Bring back the collaboration with Video Conferencing for the home office.

What Are My Options?

The three main manufacturers offer three distinct solutions:

How to Choose?

Each of these solutions is budget and space-conscious – perfect for the individual user.

The first thing you need to know is your anticipated in-conference behavior. What does this mean? Well, do you like to get up and walk around on a call? Will you incorporate a whiteboard or a project board? Do you need …

LifeSize Connections

and the unwelcomed Guest

So we all have come to know and love LifeSize. In the Video Conferencing sector, this innovative manufacturer has led the way in technology and inclusive features. With the introduction of the first HD Video Conferencing System way back in the day, the UVC platform that offers software-based infrastructure products, and the cloud-based Connections desktop software, LifeSize has become larger-than-life!

The cloud-based software client, LifeSize Connections, has truly changed the landscape by offering Video Conferencing on demand. One of the greatest features available is the free Guest Invitations. Basically, you can extend an invitation for a non-accountholder to join you in a video call. They have limited features and can only conference with the person who …