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Workdays can get pretty overwhelming at times, so if there is any help we can get to ease some of the stress that comes with a 40 plus hour work week, we’ll take it!

Help can come from anywhere around the office, whether it’s from a coworker, a certain computer program, or even something as simple as a stack of sticky notes. But, what if I told you that you may have some shortcuts laying around your desk that you are overlooking?

In fact, there may be one shortcut inside your phone that can speed up the dialing process. It may seem small, but if your job requires you to make numerous outcalls, then you might want to want to take advantage.

grandstream-gxp1760The phone feature …

Wifi phones are becoming more popular in the workplace. This is especially true in warehouse and hospital settings.

If you work in a hospital, having a WiFi phone allows you to carry your phone on you at all times. This is a very important feature because it can eliminate the need to be paged, and having to continually check a desk phone for messages and missed calls, which can become daunting.

If you are in a large warehouse setting, then you know how frustrating it can be when you are across the room from a ringing desk phone. WiFi phones help solve this problem by allowing you to answer a call from anywhere, which can boost productivity instantly!

One of the more popular WiFi phones …

If you are looking for an upgrade to your average desk phone at work, then look no further than the Grandstream GXV3275. This phone is basically an android tablet with a handset, and it’s awesome.

gxv3275One of the more popular features on this phone is the ability to use Widgets. Apply these widgets to your home screen and transform your phone into so much more. Having a stand alone calendar, displaying the weather, or even a newsfeed right on your desk phone will make you the talk of the office, for sure.

And while the 7-inch capacitive touch screen is plenty big for a desk phone, you will eventually run out of room to feed your Widget addition, but don’t fret! There is a …


Today, Grandstream released the replacement for their HT704 analog telephone adapter.  This model will be replaced by the newer, and more sharp looking HT814.

While both models are similar in size, the HT814 does have some key upgrades that many people will be excited about.

grandstream-ht814-backOne major upgrade from the HT704 is the HT814 is not only an ATA, but it also has a built-in NAT router.  This is a big improvement off of its predecessor, and also features
upgrades such as HD Voice and dual gigabit network ports.

The HT814 has the ability to support 4 SIP profiles and has outstanding network performance for home and office use. This new ATA from Grandstream is available today!…

In just three years, Grandstream has managed to increase the amount of SIP phones shipped by 151%.  This is just one impressive stat that has earned them the 2016 Global  Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award.  By increasing their productivity between 2012 and 2015, Grandstream now ranks in the top three among SIP phone shipment vendors in the world, boasting a 17.9% market share.

One large part of Grandstream’s success is their immense portfolio.  Grandstream offers more than 60 IP voice and video products that blankets all aspects of business communication.

Aside from the amount of products they offer, Grandstream is also well known for their ease of use, feature rich options, and reasonable price points.  All of this, coupled with almost 15 …

Hi everyone and welcome back to another edition of the VoIP News Update.  I am not Jeff Quinn, I am Mary Cheney, Marketing Supervisor here at VoIP Supply, and here are a couple things we want to go over this week.

Today we are going to talk about the newly released Asterisk 14, and then we are going to talk about Mitel unveiling World Cloud.  Lastly, we will discuss the JabraVXi acquisition.

Don’t forget to stay tuned, because at the end of the segment we’re actually going to be announcing the winner of the Jabra Speak.

So let’s start off with Digium announcing the release of Asterisk 14 at their AstriCon Conference in September.  So this update continues on the heels of version …


News broke yesterday that the long since shut down VoIP service company TelexFree is finally being brought to justice.  All of this coming after James Merrill, who was a principal operator of TelexFree, admitted to the whole organization being a 1.8 billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

After I looked into this more, I could immediately see that this would be extremely far-fetched to happen to anyone of the millions and millions people and businesses that use VoIP.

I mean, there essentially wasn’t even a VoIP service here.  It was just people depositing their cash as “investors” to become “sales affiliates” to get more people to hand over their cash also become “sales affiliates”

The original investors were paid with the cash that was gained by new …


VTech is already the world’s leading manufacturer of cordless phones, and now they would like to expand their presence in the VoIP industry.

On October 20th, both VTech and Snom Technology AG announced that the two companies have made an agreement which will allow VTech to acquire 100% share capital of Snom.

Snom, which is a German based company founded in 1996, is recognized as the world’s first brand of professional and enterprise VoIP phones.

snom 725

The combination of the two company’s is expected to focus on both VoIP hardware and software development.

The acquisition is still pending based on the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities.…

Mitel made the announcement at their Mitel Next event in Paris yesterday.  The VoIP communications company is offering a new platform that will target multinational businesses by simplifying the management of cloud communications.

With the launch of World Cloud, Mitel will now have a cloud presence in more than 40 countries worldwide and will virtually bridge offices to eliminate barriers to international communications.

This new service will save businesses on international calling costs, and also offer a true local experience for their customers.

Mitel is able to deliver such services by using its 14 data centers that are strategically located across the globe. This will ensure highly reliable service and makes it easy to adhere to country-specific data requirements.

Is this something that your business …


Everyone knows that the workplace can sometimes get a little, germy.  We routinely empty the trash can, wipe down our desks, and Purell® our hands in an effort to keep our workspace clean and looking fresh, but with flu season right around the corner, it is especially important to take extra measures to ensure the cleanliness of your workspace!

Amidst all of the things that we use and touch during our day at work, the one thing that can really collect dirt, dust, fingerprints, and germs is your phone! We all love VoIP phones, and all of the features that come with having VoIP service, but unfortunately there is no difference between a POTS line phone and a VoIP phone when it comes to …