The 2011 ISC West show featured Axis displaying the aggressive Dodge Charger police car outfitted with their rugged IP surveillance products. 

Designed for mobile video surveillance, the Axis M3114-R IP Camera was mounted on bumpers and throughout the car while the Axis Q8108-R network video recorder (NVR), purpose built for public and commercial transportation applications, provides a wireless video stream back to the command center.

Axis mobile surveillance demo at ISC West:

Axis Mobile Surveillance Police Charger in action on the street:

For more videos in action, check out the Axis Mobile Surveillance Police Charger page.

Available in July, Axis has just introduced the P5544 PTZ dual-lens IP camera.  Similar to the Mobotix DualDome D12 series this Axis camera has two different lenses for two different functions.  Unlike the Mobotix DualDome D12 series which offers 180° recording,  the Axis P5544 offers a complete 360° field of view.

One lens is for panoramic views and the other provides mechanical pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) functionality.  This camera is advertised as ideal for wide surveillance overviews and detailed zoomed-in views for identification in applications such as:Axis P5544 provides 360 degree panoramic view and fast PTZ controls with 18x zoom in HDTV 720p

  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Logistics centers
  • Shopping centers

The Axis P5544 supports 720p HDTV with 1280 x 720 resolution with H.264 compression to limit bandwidth and storage loads.  With an IP51 rated casing for water and dust protection, this Axis

A report commissioned by Axis shows that some retailers are unable to implement an IP based surveillance system due to perceived bandwidth limitations and a lack of collaboration from the company’s IT department.

However the report also suggests that while many stores still rely on CCTV analog systems, that IP-based surveillance is on their horizon so that they can gain not only the added benefits from IP systems but to realize the highest ROI possible. 

Retailers are realizing they can use their camera system for more than just loss prevention and are beginning to embrace IP surveillance systems as a marketing tool for business intelligence to improve store layouts and efficiency in applications such as:

  • People Counting
  • Customer Behavior
  • Customer Service – Queue monitoring/management

For more on IP camera …

Axis offers the M32 series which is a nice line of reasonably priced ($380.00 – $500.00) Fixed Dome IP axis m3203cameras featuring tamper resistance, optional vandal resistance, digital PTZ, motion detection, and tampering alarm:

If you’ve ever wondered what this type of IP camera can do for you check out how it’s being used in a retail, point of sale (POS), and warehouse setting at BJ’s Wholesale Club.  Courtesy of this case history outlines:

  • Business challenges
  • Retail safety, security, and loss prevention
  • The solution and benefits

Read the full story to see how they were able to integrate Axis IP Cameras into their existing systems and serve their needs:

AXIS M32 Series is an

Axis has issued a press release with their comments regarding the situation in Japan:

With reference to the catastrophic earthquake in Japan, Axis Communications hereby announces that the company has secured product supplies and does not currently see any immediate shortages in the supply of components in the near-term.

There may be some delivery issues in the next few quarters due to components shortages however, the 10 employees in the Axis Toyko office were not directly affected.

Full story here


Axis M50 PTZ

Axis Communications, via, is rolling out the world’s smallest PTZ IP Camera for discreet surveillance:

With a sleek and compact design, AXIS M50 cameras are only 5.1″ wide and 2.2″ high, enabling high-quality 360° surveillance (±180˚ pan, 90° tilt and 3x digital zoom) with HDTV 720p resolution in a package smaller than the average hand (see video). As a complement to its intelligent motion detection capabilities, a built-in microphone also enables audio detection that monitors for unusual noises during off-hours to trigger a security alarm that is sent to the business owner and/or security personnel.

The mini PTZ dome cameras are easy to install on soft and hard ceilings as well as on walls, and can cover an area of up

Thanks to the heads up at Security Products, a study has been released by Axis Communications that compares the cost of a traditional analog surveillance system to that of an IP video surveillance system:

Total cost comparison study of analog and IP-based video surveillance

This study was conducted in the Spring of 2010 by the research group Lusax. Some highlights include:

  • There’s a perceived higher cost of IP cameras versus analog
  • Cameras are only one part of a video surveillance solution, and the total cost of a complete system is dependent on a number of factors.
  • Recording is the most significant cost category in the analog alternatives
  • Savings derive from off-the-shelf IT and server recording equipment
  • Scalability and flexibility are mentioned as two main

Axis M3113-RDue to their flexibility and cost savings, wireless IP cameras are an interesting alternative to wired networks. For example, a wireless IP camera, like the Axis M3113-R, in a bus can be accessed live from remote locations. 

Or, historical buildings protected by the Heritage Act may not allow standard network cables to be installed thus only allowing a wireless setup. Wireless IP cameras signals can go through most media such as wood and concrete.…

Axis Q1755Sometimes a security solution calls for only only type of IP camera such as this high school application that only required Dome IP Cameras.  But in a lot of other applications security needs differ from location to location within a single complex.

When the city of Ningbo in the Zhejiang province of China built a tennis center with the intent to hold international matches and the corresponding daily exercises and daily events, they turned to Axis IP Cameras for their solution.

The Ningbo Tennis Center includes a central court, indoor tennis hall and an outdoor tennis court.  It is a large-scale stadium where, as you can imagine, security is a paramount issue.…

Digital, Axis IP video surveillance provides flexibility and advanced functions that cannot be matched by CCTV analog security systems. But, who is this for? No matter the industry, all who need video surveillance can benefit from the convergence and digitization of the security industry which provides:

  • Remote accessibility
  • High image quality
  • Event management and intelligent video
  • Easy, future-proof integration
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness