Questions about VoIP devices and services are regularly submitted to through a technical support ticket or via the “Ask The Expert” tab on our product pages.

We respond to these requests directly but more often than not, this Q & A would be helpful for lots of other folks.

Below are your VoIP questions answered – Real questions from real people  just like you.

Q: I am a solo attorney. I have a support person who answers the phone for me. Does this phone have an intercom type feature that allows her to “buzz” me and let me know who’s calling?

A:  Yes, the SPA303G does have the intercom feature that you’re looking for.

This feature is called paging and it works like this:…

VoIP Supply has teamed up with Grandstream to provide the Grandstream Learning Series for you to get a first-hand look at:

  • Grandstream Phones: New Grandstream GXP2140 and GXP2160 Enterprise VoIP Phones with color touch screens
  • Grandstream IP PBX: Grandstream UCM6100 IP PBX Series for Unified Communications (UC) applications
  • Grandstream IP Surveillance: Integrated Grandstream IP Surveillance Solutions
  • Grandstream Video Phones: Revolutionary Grandstream GXV Series IP Video Phones

When, What, How

The Grandstream Learning Series starts in March 2014 and runs through June 2014. Each live webinar will run for an hour.

Attendees will get in depth looks at the devices and the solutions and have an opportunity to ask questions and get information on how to create a communication or surveillance solution …


Questions about VoIP devices and services are regularly submitted to through a technical support ticket or via the “Ask The Expert” tab on our product pages.

We respond to these requests directly but more often than not, this Q & A would be helpful for lots of other folks.

Below are your VoIP questions answered – Real questions from real people  just like you.

Q: Will the Grandstream GXP1400 work with a Google Voice account?

A:  The short, simple answer is, “Yes.”

Google Voice itself is not a phone service, it’s more of a liaison helping to get all of your different phone numbers (work, home, mobile) working together under one Google Voice number/account.

In the words of the About Google Voice  page:

Google Voice works

Do you know about Deploy, our nationwide VoIP installation services?

If your business doesn’t want to deal with the nuances (to put it nicely) of installing a new VoIP system, Deploy is a fast and painless way to have somebody (Us!) do it for you.

Custom Fit

Get an on-site analysis by a trained technician who will tour your building, inspect your current network, and give you options on the VoIP hardware that’s best for your application.

Then we’ll install a customized VoIP system for your current needs and, if you choose, one that can be expanded as your business grows.

Purchase Credit

A lot of VoIP deployments fail because the network being used isn’t powerful enough to handle the additional traffic.

The Deploy

Need help setting up a new VoIP phone system?

Do you wish it was as simple as plug and play?

Help and simplicity are realities with VoIP Supply Assist Services that take the hassle out of dealing with quirky VoIP devices and deliver custom programming designed for the needs of your unique small businesses.

Pre-Sales Consultation

For beginners, our Pre-Sales Consultation is a helpful 10-minute conversation with a VoIP Supply engineer who’ll use common terms and easy to understand descriptions to explain how VoIP works, what an ATA does, or whatever you need to know more about.

Installation and Configurations

Our local VoIP Phone Provisioning service will setup your new device’s extension, username, voicemail path, and SIP authentication instructions.

Your pre-provisioned phones are then shipped …

Today at 2 PM CDT ADTRAN is hosting the ACES ProCloud WiFi webinar to showcase their wireless networking solution to help you:

  • Win new client accounts
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

ACES ProCloud WiFi is the “industry’s first fully managed, business class Wi-Fi service” that “provides your customers with a “No Worry”, cloud-based wireless LAN solution.”

To learn about new service revenue opportunities, register here.…

Grandstream Video Phone_Camera

Note: This post is brought to us by Courtney Hamp, VoIP Supply’s Technical Support Specialist. Courtney has great VoIP project ideas when he’s not busy helping others, troubleshooting, or designing a communication solution. In this example he has outlined the steps to view a video surveillance feed right from a desktop Grandstream video phone.  No need for an additional monitor or browser tab – just glance at your phone for a quick visual update

Grandstream brings some flair to the desk again with the Grandstream GXV3175, their 7 inch touchscreen IP Multimedia Phone. With several built-in web apps and a 1.3 megapixel camera for video conferencing, it is a great fit for the knowledge worker or executive in your organization.

However, it …

Nobody likes being told that if they want to use “x” phone system they have to use “x” phones.  When a decision maker hears that they have no choice in what phones they use, they seem to want a different type of phone just out of spite. It’s like going to a restaurant and seeing the words “No Substitutions” on the menu…

Luckily, Switchvox by Digium is an open sourced platform with an Asterisk core which allows you to use just about any SIP phone that will work with Asterisk. However, for people who breathe a little easier when their entire solution is single-branded, now Digium offers there own brand of phone that works seemlessly with Switchvox (and any other Asterisk deployment, too, but here …

Part 2 – Installing and using Callway with Video Hardware

Note: This is the second installment in a two part series. Click here for Part I.Cisco_Callway

If you read Part I you understand what Cisco Callway is and why it is a great investment choice over installing your own on-premise video infrastructure so, now let me tell you how easy it is to install and use.

As a product manager, I write the product descriptions on VoIP I read datasheets, watch tutorial videos, and find images. I sometimes help sales on compatibility of the products I manage.  What I don’t do is set up phones or install PBX’s. I can tell you every speed and feed in our catalog but I don’t deploy …

The helpful folks at IP Video Market have put together an alphabetical list of the default usernames and passwords for the top IP camera manufacturers to help speed up your set-up time and serve as a quick reference.

Below is a sample list.  For the full list click here, IP Cameras Default Passwords Directory.

Default Username/Password List

  • ACTi: admin/123456 or Admin/123456
  • Axis: traditionally root/pass, new Axis cameras require password creation during first login
  • Cisco: No default password, requires creation during first login
  • Grandstream: admin/admin
  • IQinVision: root/system
  • Mobotix: admin/meinsm
  • Panasonic: admin/12345
  • Samsung Electronics: root/root or admin/4321
  • Samsung Techwin (old): admin/1111111
  • Samsung Techwin (new): admin/4321
  • Sony: admin/admin
  • Trendnet: admin/admin
  • Toshiba: root/ikwd
  • Vivotek: root/<blank>