We’re happy to announce the addition of new Panasonic IP cameras to our product catalog from Panasonic’s i-Pro, BB, and BL model series. 

Panasonic i-Pro Series

A certified reseller of Panasonic’s professional IP camera line, the i-Pro series, IP Camera Supply has added competitively priced entry-level models to the full featured, robust workhorse featuring all the latest breakthroughs such as: 

Panasonic Business and Residential IP Cameras

Also added from the Panasonic IP Camera stable are: 

IP Camera Supply has partnered with Celergy Networks, Inc.of Carlsbad, Calif.  The partnership will allow IP Camera Supply to extend its current regional installation footprint nationwide through Celergy’s network of over 4,000 installer partners, allowing IP Camera Supply to continue its rapid growth without geographic limitations.  In addition to installation services, Celergy will also enable IP Camera Supply to provide customers with comprehensive site surveys and solutions analysis.

“We are very excited about the partnership with Celergy,” said Cory Andrews, Director of New Business Initiatives. “After months of conducting research to find an installation partner with an established field engineering staff and efficient tools to manage the installation process, we decided Celergy’s offerings best fit the needs of IP Camera Supply customers.  Celergy’s core …

The folks at Linksys were nice enough to come visit our offices and teach us more about the features Linksys IP Camera systems have to offer. Ed Draper and Dave Hornstein (filling in for Andrew Lissitz) showed us the importance of IP Camera bundles, Power over Ethernet switches and Network Attached Storage (NAS). The guys displayed a PVC2300 camera and all of the free applications included with the camera.

These included:

  • a choice to disable LED lights
  • the ability to chose your stream type
  • detachable lenses
  • creating a recording schedule
  • image settings
  • stream speed
  • full audio
  • motion detection settings
  • mobile phone streaming

and many others.

Thanks to everyone at Linksys, and for more information on Linksys products, check out http://www.ipcamerasupply.com.…

We’re here!

Welcome to the IP Camera Supply Blog!

We noticed a lot of folks out there have a lot of questions about IP cameras, and not a lot of places to turn for information… so we are officially here to help. Our sister company, VoIP Supply, runs a very successful blog, VoIP Insider, which features product reviews, industry news, commentary, and even management pointers. We would like very much for the IPCS blog to become just as helpful and informative.

Blogs are now setting the industry standard for information dispersal. Forums still provide a great link to knowledge and interaction, but blogs also accomplish this in a more thorough format.

We have great plans for our blog including product reviews, our latest …