I’ve been talking about intelligent video applications including license plate recognition.  Another specialized application with huge potential across many vertical markets with almost unlimited uses is facial recognition.

Other advanced security measures like biometrics that can recognize various features of the hand are also still on the cutting edge of technology but even they are more widely used more than facial recognition software.

An emerging high-profile application, facial recognition has the potential for greater accuracy than other advanced systems and is easier to integrate into a surveillance system.…

Panasonic WV-NW502S i-Pro CameraSourceSecurity.com has nice article outlining a real world application example for:

From the article, “Panasonic i-Pro video surveillance system to enhance security at Clarion University“:

Clarion University depends on Panasonic i-PRO systems to provide IP-based video surveillance throughout its campus in the Appalachian Mountain region of northwestern Pennsylvania. The University’s systems integrator, The Protection Bureau, is enthusiastic about the benefits of Panasonic security systems to Clarion University.

“The proof is in the picture, bottom line; the other specs don’t matter,” said Bob Burket, Senior Security Consultant, The Protection Bureau. “For megapixel cameras, Panasonic has the best picture out there, particularly in low-light situations.”

Click on the link above for more detailed information about how they integrated …

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