yealink-appRecently, Yealink announced that their VC Mobile App is now available for beta testing. This is an updated addition to Yealink’s One-stop Video Conferencing Solution designed mainly for remote and office workers.

The high-quality video collaboration and streamline communication attract a lot of on-the-go staff with tablet or smartphone. It also supports Network Address Translation (NAT) and Intelligent Firewall Traversal to provide safe video conferencing meetings anywhere you go. The Yealink VC Mobile app is free of charge and available for both Android and iOS users to download.

digium-logoSeptember 28, 2016, Digium, Inc., the Asterisk Company, announced the release of the Asterisk 14, an open source communications engine, at AstriCon, a users and developers conference.

The Asterisk 14 is an updated version of the previous Asterisk releases, featuring the expanded DNS services, improved media API that includes remote media playback capabilities and a media cache, and more enhancements that make Asterisk function more efficiently in a larger communications ecosystem.

“For administrators using Asterisk in large, horizontally scalable service-based ecosystems, the additions and improvements made in version 14 are significant,” said Matt Fredrickson, project lead for Asterisk with Digium.

sunnkingIn May of 2016, VoIP Supply donated 1,669 lbs. of electronic equipment through the 2016 e-Scrap 4 Camp fundraiser hosted by Sunnking, a electronics recycling center.

camp-good-daysThis recycling effort contributed to a total donation of $11,219.94 to Camp Good Days & Special Times. They are a non-profit organization that provides children with cancer the opportunity to come together in a residential camping experience to be with the ones who truly understand what they have been through – other children with cancer.

b-the-changeAs a B Corp, VoIP Supply follows the rigorous standard of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We joined Sunnking’s recycling effort in 2012 and have been collecting and donating electronic equipment since then.

We are proud to be

As a VoIP consultant, I get a lot of calls from customers each day asking for recommended solutions that can fit the needs of their business.

Recently, I have received questions from customers using Polycom VVX phones in loud work environments such as warehouses, restaurants and machine shops, where they can’t hear the ringtones, resulting in missing important calls. If you are facing the same issue, you may find the following solution useful.


Hear Loud and Clear with the Algo 8180 Alerter

8180To reduce the missed calls in a noisy or large site, we recommend you use this straightforward solution – The Algo 8180 Audio Alerter with the Algo 1506 Polycom Ring Detector.

The Algo 8180 is a SIP compliant PoE speaker designed …

VoIP phones nowadays do a really good job as far as labeling what buttons do what, but have you ever wondered if a single button could have more than one function? Well, I am about to let the cat out of the bag, and tell you what they most certainly can!

The majority of VoIP phones you will see today have what are called Navigation Keys. These are usually a set of arrow keys that allow you to navigate through your options if you do not have a touch screen. If you are not familiar with this set of buttons, then check out the picture below.


Oftentimes, these keys can serve more functions than just a simple left, right, up, and down. For this …

Cisco IP Phones are known for their functionality and user-friendly design. A lot of professionals and managers enjoy Cisco phones’ advanced features such as the high resolution color displays and video support with touchscreen access.

To optimize your use of Cisco phones, selecting a headset that can work seamlessly with it is a must. Here, our VoIP experts made it easier for you by listing out the best headsets to pair with your Cisco phones.


Plantronics CS540

plantronics-cs540Featuring three wearing styles and up to 350 feet wireless range, the CS540 is one of the lightest DECT wireless headsets on the market. Its streamline design and reliable performance attract customers looking for hands-free solutions.

One-touch controls, energy efficiency power management, simple plug-and-talk installation – the

Digium Switchvox has announced the latest firmware release of Switchvox 6.3.2

Switchvox 6.3.2 is currently available to all on-premise users and has fixed the following bugs:

  • The Contacts App now correctly offers Transfer to external phone numbers on a contact detail screen.
  • The phone no longer experiences an error fetching configuration under certain rare circumstances.
  • The phone now correctly updates under certain circumstances where changes are made in Switchvox.

For more information regarding Digium Switchvox click here.…

September 22, 2016, Grandstream released a new 2-port ATA, the HT812. Watch our unboxing video to learn what it is all about!

Grandstream HT812 Unboxing Video

Hi guys, my name is Youleidy Vega, I am Product Marketing Specialist here at VoIP Supply, and today I’m going to be unboxing Grandstream’s latest ATA and router, the HandyTone812. So, let’s get to it!

ht812-ataAlright, so let’s see what’s in the box of the HT812 form Grandstream. Start guide, this is the actual ATA and router. This is the power cord, and lastly there is the Ethernet cord.
Alright, so let’s take a look at the ports that the HT812 has. It has the power supply port, the LAN, WAN and then it has two FXS ports.…

As our VoIP experts help customers solve VoIP questions along the way, we noticed that there are some common misunderstandings about VoIP that create unnecessary apprehensions when switching to a VoIP system.

Therefore, we’d like to speak to the top 5 VoIP myths to help you understand the reality of VoIP.

Myth#1 VoIP service is expensive and difficult to set up.

Reality: Most VoIP users experience lower monthly rate. On average, our VoIP specialists save customers 30% off their monthly bills. In addition, a hosted VoIP system has little upfront costs and no need to have IT staff on site, since most of the necessary equipment/ maintenance is provided by the service provider.

Myth#2 I will have to put up with poor call quality or …

Our tech support team at VoIP Supply offers great pre- and post-sales support plus provisioning, consultations, configuration, and installation help. We get a lot of VoIP hardware and software questions and would like to share the solutions with everyone.

In previous Mom’s calling Q&A series, we have discussed: VVX410 Phone Lost Registration. What Can I Do?Today, we have more new real questions and answers from VoIP users just like you.

How Do I Unlock Polycom VVX410 Phones?

VVX 410Q: A couple of years ago I bought some Polycom VVX410 phones from VoIP Supply. I need to provision them onto a server that requires them to be unlocked. Can I please have some help doing that?

A: To unlock the phones (access the advanced settings menu) …