vxi logoA study designed to identify the effect of superior noise-canceling headsets on a retailer’s inbound contact center with over 500 seats was conducted by Vidal Consulting Group. It targets headsets that are able to eliminate 90% or more of background noise and tracks certain key performance indicators from the targets.

The performance result shows a noticeable improvement in both the agent and customer experience: A significant decrease in average hold time and a meaningful increase in revenue per call.

80 agents in total took part in this case study, 40 in the Control Group, who used the same headsets throughout the study, and the other 40 in the Sample Set, who were given VXi headsets after the first 4 weeks. Half of the sample set …

skype 4bIt all started a decade ago when Skype blurred the boundary between international and domestic communications. Today, Skype has been used by over 300 million people all over the world, creating unprecedented bonds among people.

Well, that’s not the end of the story. Skype has further reached out to the business market, focusing on business communication tools people use at work. So, how is Skype for Business different from Skype? Let’s look from three main aspects: Capability, Cost and Security.


Skype v.s. Skype for Business



Both Skype and Skype for Business allow users to message, share files, and video chat. Simply install the software and prepare the required hardware, you are ready to chat! The difference is the number …

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Are you curious about what it is like to work in one of the Best Places to Work in WNY? Are you interested in trying out popular Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) equipment? Whether you want to learn more about VoIP or you just want to have fun and network with VoIP Supply staff, now is your chance!

VoIP Supply is hosting an Open House event on May 25th at their office. This is an incredible opportunity for you and your business. It doesn’t matter if you are an existing VoIP users or VoIP beginners. Come visit VoIP Supply, one of the Best Places to Work in WNY, and learn how VoIP can save you a fortune. Register here today!

Grand Prize is a Polycom

Are you interested in making the move to a new VoIP phone system? Do you want to get rid of those clunky old telephone lines running in and out of your building? There is no time like the present!


Save Money and Increase Workplace Efficiency with VoIP


Change within a business can be met with some resistance from fellow employees and co-workers. Current VoIP providers understand that and have created very easy to use interfaces for customers. Not only does the user experience a seamless transition over from the old phone system, but the installer or IT personnel of the office will also.

Features of a VoIP System are endless web collaboration

One great feature of switching to a VoIP phone system, is that you …

A common question we often hear from our customers is whether the VoIP network stays up when the power is down. My quick answer is no, unless you have another backup plan. But don’t panic! As long as you are well-prepared, your VoIP phones can be as reliable as landlines.

Acting like the heart of VoIP phones, VoIP network is no doubt an indispensable element for making VoIP calls. Here’s a list of solutions that will help tackle the power outage issue.


DESKSolution 1: Prepare softphones on Battery-Powered Devices

The world has gone mobile. Most of our laptops, cell phones, and tablets run on their battery power. VoIP phones on those mobile devices will still work fine without AC power when you experience power …

If you are interested in a powerful solution for your business read on for a great option. If you landed on this page by accident as you browsed through the endless pages of the Internet, then you are in luck, and this just might be a match made in heaven- by VoIP Supply that is. elastix

The Renegade, VoIP Supply’s line of fully scalable IP PBX Appliances, was released in 2015 and has been designed in three different models: mini, 1U, and 3U chassis, to complement the needs of any user. The Renegade is a full featured IP PBX that integrates well with many open source platforms, one of them being Elastix– a free Asterisk-based PBX platform.

Elastix is free to operate and update, has …

phoneAs we all know, VoIP is one of the hottest topics in the telecom industry that has changed the way people think about communications. You may have already heard a lot of benefits that VoIP can bring to your business; however jumping into the VoIP trend without much knowledge about it is not a wise move.

Understanding how VoIP systems work can help you fully utilize this new technology to your own advantage. Now, let’s take a glance at the VoIP telephone systems.


How VoIP Telephone Systems Work

Basically, a VoIP system converts the analog audio signals (your voice) into digital data that can be understood by the VoIP devices and transmitted over the Internet Protocol (IP) network to the other end of the …

Are you considering deploying VoIP in  your home or business, but are apprehensive about going through with it because of the cost of VoIP hardware? Or perhaps you are an existing VoIP customer looking to replace or update your current VoIP equipment? If so, look no further than VoIP Supply’s Refresh product line.

Refresh is VoIP Supply’s line of refurbished equipment that undergoes a detailed 10-step process by our dedicated Refresh team members to assure that all Refresh products are good as new.


  1.  Visual Inspection
  2. Deal on Arrival
  3. Settings Cleared
  4. Firmware Upgraded
  5. Components Replaced
  6. Product Cleaning
  7. Final Inspection
  8. Product Repackaged
  9. Product Reboxed
  10. Ready for Sale

After the 10-step reconditioning process, Refresh products offer a cost-effective solution for customers looking to enjoy …

If you are looking for an entry level model that provides both comprehensive features and simplicity of routing calls over the Internet, the Panasonic TGP600 Cordless DECT Phone Solution is just what you need.


High Quality, Wideband Voice Services and Noise Reduction

panasonic tgp600The TGP 600 includes a base station unit and a top of the line SIP cordless handset (with charging station). It gives  you a complete SIP solution at a very reasonable price. Equipped with high quality, wideband voice service and noise cancellation, the TGP600 ensures users a seamless and superior communication experience.


Expendable With Up To Eight Panasonic Cordless and Desktop DECT Phones

Worried about adding more SIP lines in the future? Not a problem! The TGP600 is expandable with up …

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, has been steadily replacing traditional communications since 2004. VoIP is where calls are made through the internet versus using analog phone lines to route the calls. It is similar to the way Skype makes video calls, or the way Facebook allows you to make calls through its Messenger Application.

Since making calls through the internet is less expensive and users can enjoy many enterprise level features through VoIP, analog lines are being replaced by hosted or on premise VoIP solutions across many residential and business settings.

There are major differences between an On-Premise solution and a Hosted VoIP Solution, and their initial costs are very different, but overall they both can offer cost savings ranging from 50% to …