Whether you have decided to deploy Skype for Business as your communication system or you are still evaluating to see if it meets your demands, checking Skype for Business requirements is an important step to help you sort things out and make a wise decision. Let’s take a look at what you need to prepare when deploying Skype for Business.


Choose Your Ideal Plan

The first step is to decide which plan you want to deploy. Customers can choose to purchase a standalone plan or as part of Office 365 plans which comes with Office applications, email, file storage and sharing, and more. Skype for Business provides multiple plans for different business levels with a rate ranging from $2 user/month to $12.50 user/ month.…

Are you curious about the specialists whom you have consulted with on the phone, over the live chat, or you are just about to dial in to talk to?

While our VoIP specialists are all outstandingly professional and experienced, they possess their own uniqueness and different approaches to help customers succeed. So, let’s learn what their specialized areas are and some fun facts about them aside from work!

Darren Hartman

Email: dhartman@voipsupply.comDARREN
Direct : 716-250-3417

Working with VoIP Supply since the first day they opened doors, Darren has been actively selling, managing and helping train new VoIP solution specialists.

Having been an IT sales professional for 15 years, Darren is an outstanding VoIP expert, specializing in multiple VoIP solutions including IP Camera Surveillance, General

Take advantage of features to make your day easier

When it comes to VoIP Service there are plenty of features out there that can greatly increase your efficiently throughout the day. One of those features would be Find me/Follow me Call Routing.

The basic idea of this feature allows you to directs calls that are coming in to your desk phone or main line to somewhere else that will be more convenient for you. You’re basically allowed to set up rules for when someone is attempting to call you.

Don’t Miss a Call When You’re Away From Your Desk

find me follow me imageIf you’re someone who is away from their desk often or you work remotely this feature is a great option to keep you in contact with …

Recently, I was able to speak with Lee Marlow of Digium Switchvox and discuss the benefits of VoIP Service and VoIP Hardware within schools and universities. Below you will find the second half of our discussion. If you have not read the first half please do so here.

1. How does Digium set themselves apart for schools?

Schools need a cost-effective solution, but like many businesses, they don’t want to have to sacrifice when it comes to features. Switchvox is Digium’s award-winning IP PBX and delivers powerful UC tools, mobility applications and robust calling features all at one, low price. And, our phone system is easy to manage and simple to use. Our education customers repeatedly say they appreciate that our products are intuitive …

Different Levels for Different Partners

At VoIP Supply, we understand not everyone is going to be a VoIP expert and have skills in the variety of VoIP offerings. We would like to extend our partner program not only to the VoIP experts in the field but also to clientele with vast business contacts.

Let’s try and break down the different partner levels in more detail.

Leading Reseller Thumbnail ImageReferral Partner: As a Referral Partner you will put us in touch with possible companies or businesses that would benefit from our Partner Program. We will support that customer in finding the correct solutions. There is no need for a technical background or knowledge of VoIP to become this type of partner.

Benefits to being a Referral Partner:

  • No …
  • VoIP Supply has a line of refurbished VoIP phones that have undergone a thorough 10-step reconditioning process that assure our customers only receive quality products that can be trusted to look great and function as if they were brand new.

    This month we are highlighting four of our most popular Refresh VoIP Phones. These phones have been examined, upgraded, set to default settings, and repackaged. They are offered as a cost-effective solution for those of us in need of a VoIP system, but looking for a bargain.


    Polycom VVX300

    From a trusted name in the VoIP industry, the Polycom family of VVX Business phones is a fan favorite. Refresh offers many of the VVX series phones like the VVX300, a 6-line High Definition IP …

    When it comes to video chatting, nothing is worse than having poor video and/or audio quality. In fact, most of the users could have a better Skype for Business experience if they put some effort into meeting the fundamental requirements. Let’s learn some Skype for Business video functions and how you can enjoy quality video calls.

    Teliris_VL_ModularSkype For Business Video Capability

    In addition to the standard softphone functions such as answering/ending/rejecting calls, replying with instant message or audio only, and do not disturb setting, Skype for Business Video also offers four video layouts (Gallery View/ Speaker View/ Content View/ Compact View) and the ability to mute/unmute, turn off video or photo, set full screen or normal view. To learn detailed video functions, please visit Microsoft’s

    Recently, I had the pleasure to speak with Lee Marlow of Digium Switchvox to discuss VoIP Service and VoIP Hardware in school systems. Our conversation involved lots of great information, so I decided to break this in to two parts. Here is the first half of our conversation.

    1. What particular VoIP features do you feel benefits schools the most?

    School officials need a solution that is not only easy-to-use and cost effective, but one that will improve the communication flow among administrators, faculty and parents/students. The flexibility of the right UC system can improve efficiencies, reduce costs and be an integral part of a school’s safety process. Our features help improve the phone system experience for office staff, teachers, parents, and students. These features …

    Last month, Revolabs and VoIP Supply hosted a joint webinar to present Unified Communications (UC) solutions that can help you stay on top of the communication trend and save costs to put back in growing your business. If you want to revolutionize your business communications and expand onto the next level, you will want to catch this webinar recap.

    As you may know, Unified Communications (UC) has been growing fast over the years. In this fast changing world, audio is especially crucial in delivering effective communications. Revolabs UC products are here to ensure you have superior communication experiences.

    Revolabs UC Products

    From small conference rooms to executive offices, Revolabs has the ideal solutions to meet your unique business requirements. Their main UC products encompass FLX

    Just like the name implies, the Kuando Busylight by Plenom, is a light indicator that serves many purposes. First, it can be used to alert your colleagues when you are on a call so that they don’t walk in on you during a conversation. When on a call, the Busylight will light up sending a clear message to anyone in the office that you are on a call and should not be disturbed.

    It is impolite to interrupt your coworkers when they are busy. It also looks very unprofessional when you are on an important call and someone comes into your office or near your cubicle shouting one thing or the next. Busylight indicators solves this issue with variants for both desk phone and softphone …