Parents and teachers are looking to their phones and tablets to help teach kids.

But, where do you start?

There’s almost too many choices on iTunes or the Google Play store.

From the writers at eSchool News come 10 of the best Apple and Android apps for education in 2013.

The list includes some of the highest rated apps, as voted by parents and teachers, with information on features, price (some are free), compatibility, and even suggested uses.

There’s a surprising  range of functions:

  • Video editor
  • Math tutors
  • Picture dictionary
  • Educational games
  • Poetry
  • Mobile learning
  • Flash cards
  • And more…

All the apps seem pretty comprehensive so if you’ve forgotten more than you’ve learned, you might find yourself using them more than your kids.

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Part 2
The need for surveillance solutions began roughly in 10,000 BC when rivaling tribes would pillage one another’s food stock in the night. Without exact evidence of the culprits, allegations and feuds would escalate out of control and give us the box office hits we enjoy today. The early theft prevention implemented during this time period and lasting up until the later 1900’s was the night watchmen.

During the 1970’s with the emerging trend of corporate business, fancy “bean counters”, and stringent budget guidelines a solution had to be devised to eliminate the financial liability of the night watchmen for a more efficient and accurate surveillance solution.

The CCTV or Closed Circuit Television Solution consists of 4 parts:

  • Cameras
  • Monitoring Device
  • “Plug & Play

Part 1

Working in the IP industry on a daily basis whether it is in new technology, sales or marketing has been a privilege to explore the fast paced and industrial changes that make this field, so unique. I guess this privilege has also led me to believe that the world is the same inside and outside my box. Which in fact is; “NOT TRUE” at all!

So I decided to break down the three types of inbound call inquiries that frequent our queue on a day-to-day basis (of course not that many people are losing sheep and we have way more than just 1 sexy camera in stock)

1. “I’m looking for a security system”
2. “Someone is steeling my sheep and I want …