Strapping an indoor dome IP camera to a IV stand and calling it a medical device for radiologists only works if you’re Sony.

It’s also not just any old IP camera or portable stand.  Sony is using its SNC-RH124 dual streaming, HD, 360 degree rapid dome IP camera that incorporates state-of-the-art image-enhancement technologies in a compact body including 10x zoom that allow users to capture clear and bright images in challenging environments.

MD2GO Rolling Medical Stand

Coupled with the SNC-RH124 is Sony’s MD2GO rolling stand specifically designed for medical applications that forms a remote HD IP camera system.

The Sony MD2GO system has just been introduced to the radiology field at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) this week:

“The system

When considering a network based solution for your surveillance needs, many important questions need to be answered. One of which may be, “is this for me?”  A considerable amount of time can be spent researching and planning for the implementation of IP cameras so you’ll want to know if it’s the right fit for your application.

Sony IP cameras run on an open source platform, can be mixed and matched, can be integrated into existing systems, and from small to large scale deployments they are a great fit for applications like: 

  • Border / Airport / Port surveillance
  • City and town monitoring
  • Transportation and transportation centers
  • Banks, finance, retail outlets, and offices
  • All types of government and education entities

If you’ve been thinking about Sony’s IP cameras and you’ve read their product line overview then you certainly know they have a nice, customizable offering to enhance your surveillance system. You may however still be asking, “What is the Sony advantage?” so, I’d like to point out a few  of their interesting IP camera features that warrant a closer look.…

There are a lot of IP cameras to choose from and when you’re finding it difficult to pull the trigger on a decision where does that leave you? If your choice defaults to going with what you know, Sony might just fit the bill for you. And luckily we can both feel confident that you’re selecting a top-end, efficient, performance-driven product that we feel great providing to you from a market leader.