Via The Next Web, there’s a new app developed by Orbicule called Witness that “turns your Mac into a home alarm system, using its iSight camera as a motion sensor. If motion is detected, Witness sends mugshots and video to your iPhone or iPad.”

TNW explains that whether you’re trying to capture your evidence of your roommate’s sticky fingers or using the app as a simple home surveillance solution, Orbicule has designed Witness to:

“…eliminate recording hours of uneventful footage and it also saves you from wasting precious bandwidth. While operating Witness remotely from an iOS device, users can activate or turn off the alarm in addition to receiving a notification that something has triggered the camera.

When the alarm is activated, Witness will capture

Available in July, Axis has just introduced the P5544 PTZ dual-lens IP camera.  Similar to the Mobotix DualDome D12 series this Axis camera has two different lenses for two different functions.  Unlike the Mobotix DualDome D12 series which offers 180° recording,  the Axis P5544 offers a complete 360° field of view.

One lens is for panoramic views and the other provides mechanical pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) functionality.  This camera is advertised as ideal for wide surveillance overviews and detailed zoomed-in views for identification in applications such as:Axis P5544 provides 360 degree panoramic view and fast PTZ controls with 18x zoom in HDTV 720p

  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Logistics centers
  • Shopping centers

The Axis P5544 supports 720p HDTV with 1280 x 720 resolution with H.264 compression to limit bandwidth and storage loads.  With an IP51 rated casing for water and dust protection, this Axis

With Mobotix announcing a 50% year-over-year revenue growth in the America’s, it wants to continue that growth by focusing on their hemispheric technology.

Specifically, in addition to their full line that offers high-resolution capabilities, Mobotix is looking to Mobotix Q24expand their market with unique offereings such as:

Mobotix expects a strong year and has stated that these cameras are “in high demand due Mobotix T24to the products’ superior image quality, decentralized infrastructure, low upfront cost and long-term return-on-investment.”

With their decentralized approach Mobotix IP Cameras also utilize the following advantages:

  • High-speed computer and internal flash memory card (SD/MicroSD card) to enable all recording and storage to occur within the camera.
  • Reduced need for a separate PC or

Altera Corporation, a semiconductor device manufacturer, has announced the development of the industry’s first HD WDR video surveillance chipset:

Government, municipalities, financial institutions, and businesses are driving new uses for video surveillance technologies beyond crime prevention or security into applications such as asset management, risk mitigation, and safety.

The challenge for camera manufacturers, however, is developing “smarter” cameras at lower price points. More and more, digital high-definition (HD) Internet protocol surveillance cameras are replacing analog cameras because of lower installation costs, scalability, and the ability to add intelligence.

Recognizing camera manufacturer challenges and surveillance market demands Altera has enlisted CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) image sensors into their design to help power the next generation of IP cameras.  And for good reason because CMOS image sensors have some …

A report commissioned by Axis shows that some retailers are unable to implement an IP based surveillance system due to perceived bandwidth limitations and a lack of collaboration from the company’s IT department.

However the report also suggests that while many stores still rely on CCTV analog systems, that IP-based surveillance is on their horizon so that they can gain not only the added benefits from IP systems but to realize the highest ROI possible. 

Retailers are realizing they can use their camera system for more than just loss prevention and are beginning to embrace IP surveillance systems as a marketing tool for business intelligence to improve store layouts and efficiency in applications such as:

  • People Counting
  • Customer Behavior
  • Customer Service – Queue monitoring/management

For more on IP camera …

VoIP Supply is proud to announce that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named VoIP Supply  the 2010 TMC Vendor Supplier of the Year for outstanding performance and dedication to deliver VoIP and IP Communications solutions to its customers.

VoIP Supply is proud to be recognized as the Vendor Supplier of the Year for the VoIP marketplace because this vendor-supplier-2010-MEDIUMaward is a testament to the talent, expertise and dedication of our people,” stated Benjamin Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply LLC.  “Our goal is to deliver the best products and/or solutions to our customers; those expecting to be part of a superior customer experience before, during and after each interaction.”

Garrett Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, further explains that “Where we differentiate is with our services, like …

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