Recently we kicked off another round of trainings here at VoIP Supply from some of our new hires.

New hire trainings, especially ones designed to teach them about VoIP technology and solutions, are always interesting for me (even though I’ve covered the same or similar material dozens of times before). These trainings are interesting because they provide me with fresh perspectives as to how those unfamiliar with VoIP view the technology and how to go about implementing it.

Like how the majority of people totally forgot the grand importance networks play in VoIP. In fact most people look at me a little dumbfounded when we start our trainings out with a thorough dive into networking.

You see the thing with VoIP is that implementations …

There’s a small two-wheeled surveillance robot that’s been used by the military in combat zones called the Throwbot made by Recon Robotics.

The name implies that you can physically hurl this device wherever it’s needed and that’s true. Check out the video for a demonstration.

Matthew Lasar’s article, Army sruveillance bot approved for use by police, fireman, at Ars Technica explains that while military tools are often just as useful to local law enforcement and fire departments, the problem Recon Robotics had with putting the Throwbot into domestic use was getting permission from the FCC to allow live video feed transmission from the device.

Emergency responders urged the FCC to allow them use of the Throwbot as a “life saving tool” that …

No doubt you’re excited about the major benefit of switching to VoIP – cost savings! And with good reason because the average small business is seeing monthly cost decreases in the neighborhood of 40 -60% off of their normal telecommunications costs.

However, because VoIP uses your Internet connection to transport calls, it puts greater demands on your Internet connection, often doubling or tripling the amount of traffic you generate. Without adequate bandwidth, you won’t be happy with the quality or your calls – and neither will your customers.…

Recognizing that parking lots are areas of high traffic, accidents and crimes IP Video Market Info has putParking Lot Surveillance together a Parking Lot Shootout testing IP camera surveillance kits from leading manufacturers like Axis, Bosch, IQinVision, and Sony.

Monitoring a wide area to simulate everyday activity, they then analyzed 12 different scenes from midday to nighttime to twilight hours with several variables.

Click here for the full report.…

Because Facebook wasn’t happy with just being the “home to more than 500 million-plus of your family barbecue photos or updates about cats” they’ve teamed up with T-Mobile to deliver a new app.  Also, a survey says that 88% of Facebook fiends want to have voice capabilities from the site.

T-Mobile has announced a new brand called Bobsled with the intention of “bridging traditional telecommunications and Internet-based voice and data services” with it’s first product being an application that allows free calls through Facebook’s chat window.

The highlights:

  • The Bobsled application for Facebook is available today as a free download for all Facebook users and is not exclusive to T-Mobile customers.
  • Allows people on Facebook to more easily connect and gives a 

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed solar powered parking ticket machines, lights, and signs on the side of the road or on highways. Seems like a great way to save on energy costs and place a display anywhere it’s needed without the constraint of running wires.

What about doing the same for IP cameras that are needed in remote areas or in places where running lines for power just isn’t an economical option?

SentryView Systems provides a remote IP surveillance solution that can utilize both solar and wind power with SentryPost.

The system is designed to operate with solar & wind power generation as either the primary power supply for off-grid installations, or as a backup to mains power to keep the surveillance system operational

ClearOne CHAT speakerphones feature a simple USB connection so you can enjoy plug-and-play installation with with quality full-duplex audio and great microphone sensitivity all with the hands free comfort and convenience in a small package that easily travels wherever you go.

In recent news, the ClearOne CHAT 50 and the ClearOne CHAT 150 USB speakerphones have been validated by IBM assuring  interoperability with their UC platform – Sametime Unified Telephony.  Chris Wildfoerster, ClearOne’s VP Business Development remarks:

“The IBM validation immediately increases the appeal of our products to Sametime users, and we look forward to working with IBM and its partners to evangelize our Sametime Unified Communications interoperability to the SMB and large enterprise communities.”

The ClearOne CHAT 50 is great for personal use while …

There’s a detailed tutorial by John Honovich at IP Security Market Info titled “Designing Intrusion Detection / Alarm Monitoring” where he answers fundamental questions and shares understanding of the options and tradeoffs when designing this system such as:

  • Cost
  • Designing intrustion detection in layers
  • Control panel selection
  • Control / Input / Output devices needed
  • Use of wireless devices
  • System monitoring options

If you’re considering using alarm monitoring devices as described in the tutorial and wondering how to integrate them into your IP camera or video server systems, read this post for more details:

IP Video Management – Input / Ouput Ports …

Requests by law enforcement agencies for traditional types of surveillance such as wiretaps are reported to U.S. Congress as mandated by U.S. federal law.  Modern types of surveillance (electronic surveillance methods) like accessing stored data from email, IM’s, and cell phone locations require no such reporting.

A paper published by Christopher Soghoian, Indiana University Bloomington – Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, titled “The Law Enforcement Surveillance Reporting Gap” explores the issues:

“Third party facilitated surveillance has become a routine tool for law enforcement agencies. There are likely hundreds of thousands of such requests per year. Unfortunately there are few detailed statistics documenting the use of many modern surveillance methods. As such, the true scale of law enforcement surveillance, although widespread, remains largely shielded