It’s All About Your Network

April 29, 2011 by Garrett Smith

Recently we kicked off another round of trainings here at VoIP Supply from some of our new hires.

New hire trainings, especially ones designed to teach them about VoIP technology and solutions, are always interesting for me (even though I’ve covered the same or similar material dozens of times before). These trainings are interesting because they provide me with fresh perspectives as to how those unfamiliar with VoIP view the technology and how to go about implementing it.

Like how the majority of people totally forgot the grand importance networks play in VoIP. In fact most people look at me a little dumbfounded when we start our trainings out with a thorough dive into networking.

You see the thing with VoIP is that implementations that provide easy on-going management and consistent, continuous call quality are more a function of your networks (LAN and WAN), than your VoIP system.

High quality VoIP is more about what you don’t see: your network preparedness, your bandwidth availability and the reliability of your service providers than what you do see. That VoIP phone you’re salivating over is really nothing more than a figure head; symbolic of the system, but rather powerless to make the use or experience with VoIP easier.

So if you’re considering making the switch to VoIP and haven’t had a site assessment complete or considered your network preparedness, please do. Because a successful VoIP deployment by an large is all about your network.

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