AudioCodes Certified Partner_250VoIP Supply is now a part of AudioCodes new “North America Partner program at the Certified Level.”

AudioCodes is a global leader in providing VoIP products and applications to both Service Providers and Enterprises with a full range of:

  • Media Gateways
  • Multi-Service Business Gateways (MSBG line)
  • Residential Gateways
  • IP Phones

Boosting Customer Benefits

As a Certified Partner, VoIP Supply’s ability to deliver AudioCodes solutions has been enhanced.

Customers can expect a VoIP Supply team, backed by AudioCodes, that is  fully educated and capable of providing  AudioCodes solutions quickly and with the comprehensive capabilities you demand.

VoIP Supply is ready to meet your evolving AudioCodes needs.  Click here for more Audiocodes product information.

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eScrap 4 Camp - Send kids with cancer to campFor one more week, until May 3rd, you can take advantage of the eScrap 4 Camp free drop off site at VoIP Supply to unload your old and unused electronics.

VoIP Supply is participating in the Sunnking sponsored event for Camp Good Days.  This recycling drive raises funds to send kids with cancer to summer camp.

All you have to do is drive on over and drop off something that you don’t need anymore.

Camp Good Days

Camp Good Days is a non-profit whose aim is to improve the lives of children and their families who are dealing with cancer.  What started in 1979 from humble beginnings, Camp Good Days is now one of the largest organizations of its kind and its programs …

Buffalo Niagara RiverKeeperA single word could sum up last Saturday’s RiverKeeper Spring Shoreline Cleanup of Ellicott Creek Park in Amherst, NY: Wet.

Wet weather, wet water, wet volunteers.

Rain and cold didn’t ‘t keep anyone away as VoIP Supply joined a large group of enthusiastic and caring volunteers to help with one of the many shoreline sweeps that RiverKeeper coordinates bi-annually throughout Western New York.

RiverKeeper is a science-based, community focused, advocacy organization from the Buffalo/Niagara region dedicated to keeping our waterways clean.

VoIP Supply was able to help gather around 100 pounds of garbage.  It’s amazing what you’ll find.  In addition to some big ticket items that were recovered, like refrigerators, we were told that there was an old amusement park ride rusting away deep …

What Is It?

AltiGen iFusion iPhone Docking StationThe AltiGen iFusion SmartStation is a multi-function iPhone docking station that pairs the iPhone with the iFusions’s ergonomic handset or business-grade speakerphone via built-in Bluetooth that is functional up to 33 feet away.

What Does the iFusion Do?

The AltiGen iFusion charges the iPhone, offers streaming music playback, an audio jack for external speakers and USB pass through for syncing to a Mac or PC.

The iFusion is compatible with the 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S iPhone models.

The iFusion also integrates seamlessly with voice-enabled applications such as Siri, FaceTime, Skype, AltiGen’s MaxMobile, Cisco Mobile, and Avaya one-X Mobile.

  • Made for iPhone: Includes an Apple 30-pin connector enabling your smartphone to be used as a business desktop phone.
  • Industry 1st Docking

snom greenWhy shouldn’t we be friendly to the Earth every day?

snom, the manufacturer of stylish VoIP phones, is answering that question with Earth Day 2012 right around the corner on Sunday, April 22nd.

Serious about protecting the environment, snom is announcing two things for Earth Day and beyond:

  • No Power Supply: All snom phones will ship without a power supply.
  • 3 Month Donation: From April 22nd to June 22nd, snom is donting 1$/€ to for every snom 3xx and 7xx series VoIP phones that are purchased without a power supply.

PoE Preference is Green

When snom surveyed their partners and customers they uncovered something interesting that prompted them to act on their revelation:

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) is the preferred power source for

Available now, VoIP Supply is offering video conferencing bundles from LifeSize; the LifeSize Connections HD Bundles.

What Are LifeSize Bundles?

LifeSize Connections HD bundles from VoIP Supply are LifeSize’s cloud-based, HD video conferencing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering.

The bundles come complete with Logitech HD Pro C920 Webcams and compatible speakerphones and headsets.

LifeSize Connections delivers a high quality, seamless end-to-end video conferencing experience and is the fastest way for businesses to add to and extend their HD video conferencing capabilities

VoIP Supply offers four bundles, each of which combine the cloud-based LifeSize Connections video software client with matching hardware that’s been tested for full compatibility:

LifeSize Connections HD Elite

The LifeSize HD Elite Bundle is a high-powered configuration that is ideal for …

Sangoma Vega100What Are They?

Sangoma’s Vega series of VoIP gateways support a range of telephony interfaces to connect your devices to IP networks.

What Do They Do?

The Sangoma Vega 100 and Sangoma Vega 200 VoIP gateways connect digital telephony devices to your IP networks.

The Vega 100 and 200′s star quality is their connectivity; they have an E1/T1 line interface .

The Vega 100 supports a fixed configuration of 30 VoIP calls while the Vega 200 supports 60 VoIP calls.  The also provide:

  • Voice, fax, modem support.Sangoma Vega200
  • Flexible call routing for fallback.
  • “Least cost” routing.
  • Emergency PSTN backup.
  • SIP, H.323, and T.38 support.

Who Are They For?

Vega 100 and Vega 200′s are for anybody who requires either a single or dual E1/T1 digital …

Revolabs flx_meeting_setting_3What Is It?

The innovative Revolabs FLX System is the only wireless VoIP conference phone on the market today.

Revolabs is the premier audio solutions provider of wireless unified communications products that allow you to cut the cord and create free-flowing workspaces.

What Does It Do?

Used for both audio and video communications, the Revolabs FLX now benefits from Revolabs’ revolutionary audio technology that was once reserved for the largest of conference rooms and board rooms.

Now, with the FLX, small to medium-sized conference rooms, executive offices, or home offices can leverage the best audio quality with the freedom of wireless mobility.

Who Is It For?Revolabs FLX Dialer

Not your traditional conference phone, the Revolabs FLX system is a dual-purpose solution eliminating the need for a separate …

Phoenix Audio_Quattro3What Is It?

The Phoenix Audio Quattro3 is the latest, most technologically advanced table top conference phone that maximizes performance for medium and large conference rooms while maintaining a small, sleek, and sophisticated design.

What Does It Do?

The newest in the successful line of Quattro conference phones, the Quattro3 replaces the Quattro2.

What hasn’t changed with the Quattro3 is your ability for 3-way communication bridging to your other devices with the USB link, recording of conversations directly to your PC or Mac, and the Quattro3 remains the smallest solution for a big conference room!.

  • Performance: New, more powerful processor delivers true HD audio.
  • Expandable: Daisy chain all Quattro3 devices with standard Ethernet cable and power them from a single source. 

MediatrixMedia5 Corporation, a leading provider of IP-based multimedia communications solutions, is now partnering with VoIP Supply to provide the complete range of award-winning Mediatrix access devices and secure gateways to the North American market.

“We are pleased to be partnering with VoIP Supply, LLC. Their extensive VoIP expertise and high profile will expand our market reach while offering the technical knowledge and experience required to properly promote the Mediatrix line of VoIP communications solutions in North America,” explained Philippe Babin, General Manager of Media5 Corporation.

About Media5

Media5 Corporation is a global supplier of multimedia communications solutions for fixed and mobile service providers, unified communications services, and hosted communications services.

Mediatrix 3316

Media5 has its corporate offices in Canada, with regional offices in the United …