I used to send postcards to people when I’d go on trips with pictures of monuments, sculptures and landmarks from whatever city I was in.


But my trips were usually short and I’d be home, unpacked and subjecting everyone to my photo slideshow before the postcards even made it to the mailbox.

In recent years, things have changed with the ease of social media and blogs; you can post a photo and before you have taken 25 steps away from it, someone has commented.

As the trips get more hectic and meetings start to pile up, not everything goes up on the internet and there are still things to show and write about when I get home.

Here are my last few observations from the …

Editors Note: VoIP Supply Product Manager, Tom Costelloe, is blogging from Toronto at the 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.  Click here for his Day 1 recap.

Day two at Microsoft WPC has been put to bed and it felt much busier from where I was standing in the Sangoma booth and walking the floor.

Maybe for the first day people walked the floor to take everything in and today, folks were about meetings and greetings with exhibitors and manufacturers.

The one takeaway I have from the people I have met is that, this really is an international event.   Over the last two days, I have meet people from several countries for the first time.

After diving into Lync headsets on day …

Nobody likes being told that if they want to use “x” phone system they have to use “x” phones.  When a decision maker hears that they have no choice in what phones they use, they seem to want a different type of phone just out of spite. It’s like going to a restaurant and seeing the words “No Substitutions” on the menu…

Luckily, Switchvox by Digium is an open sourced platform with an Asterisk core which allows you to use just about any SIP phone that will work with Asterisk. However, for people who breathe a little easier when their entire solution is single-branded, now Digium offers there own brand of phone that works seemlessly with Switchvox (and any other Asterisk deployment, too, but here …

Lync Headsets at 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner ConferenceFor the next couple days Toronto Canada is going to be the center of the Microsoft world as it hosts the 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference; four days of all things Microsoft in the shadow of the CN Tower and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

VoIP Supply will be spending all four days in the Sangoma booth (#256) to help promote the Sangoma Lync Express all-in-one appliance and walking the expo floor to see what’s new in the Microsoft and Microsoft Lync world.

Rather than trying to copy the Louvre scene from Bande à Part and running through the conference, I thought I would slow down and take it piece by piece.

Today, Day 1, I took a look at the Lync headsets manufacturers booths.


Cell Phones For SoldiersMost likely you’ve already heard of this, have seen the mailer included with a package, or had one dropped off in your mailbox.

Regardless, in honor of Independence Day, I’d like to remind you of Cell Phones for Soldiers; a simple way to give back to US troops by recycling old, unused cell phones:

Since its inception in 2004, Cell Phones for Soldiers has worked to keep military families connected by providing FREE communication tools to those serving overseas in the United States military. In seven years, the registered 501(c)(3) has provided troops with more than 2 million pre-paid calling cards, equating to more than 150 million minutes of FREE talk time.

You can make a cash donation online or click here to find