Andria Baunee, VoIP Supply Video Conferencing Specialist

If you’ve ever wondered how video conferencing plays a role in telemedicine and how telemedicine can play a role in healthcare IT strategies, specifically telemedicine kits for video conferencing, then this interview is for you.

Andria Baunee, VoIP Supply’s Video Conferencing Specialist, was interviewed by eHealth Radio to talk about:

  • What is Telemedicine and, who is it for?
  • What role could Telemedicine play in the raging healthcare debate here in the U.S.?
  • What do healthcare companies think of Telemedicine and how would they be reimbursed for this new medical service?
  • How will patients react to Telemedicine? Can they feel secure explaining their personal issues via video?
  • What do patients, doctors, or insurance companies need, to get a video conferencing system up and running?

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When Polycom made their major announcements after ringing the NASDAQ bell earlier this month much of the focus was on the video conference side of their business. One of the products that was mentioned in passing and featured on some of the slides was the new Polycom VVX 600. Not much was said about this new phone at that point but this week it got its turn in the limelight

What Is It?

Polycom VVX 600

The VVX 600 is the newest addition to the Polycom VVX series of the business media phones which already includes the VVX 1500 and VVX 500. The new VVX 600 bears a striking resemblance to the VVX 500 at first glance but with a bigger for form factor. While …

Shopping around for IP surveillance cameras is one thing but, deciding which one of those thousands of cameras is the right fit and will actually perform as advertised is quite another thing.Mobotix MX-Q24M-Basic-D22

That’s why, for those customers that need trustworthy help to make the best decision, we’re happy to announce that the Mobotix Global Partner Network now includes VoIP Supply as a Registered Mobotix Partner.

Not just a fancy title, what a Registered Mobotix Partner means for customers is:…

At some point very soon, we will all stop talking “Social Media”, and put the focus where it belongs – The Global Media Network that connects us all.

From Copyblogger, A History of Social Media [Infographic], shows a pictoral rundown of social sharing through the ages.

From the very first email sent in 1971 to the user friendly interfaces we enjoy today, this Copyblogger infograph shows that “there’s nothing new about social media” and that, “most social sharing still happens outside of social networks.”

See for yourself  with this timeline:…

Throughout the month, I have been conducting a series of reviews of our most popular IP PBX’s.  I spoke about 3CX, the Windows-based IP PBX software that entered into the arena in 2008 and is quickly growing­. I also mentioned Elastix, which is an Asterisk-based platform that is still purely open-sourced which has been quickly gaining popularity, especially among the budget-conscious crowd.  The capstone of my review is Switchvox by Digium. Switchvox, like Elastix, is an Asterisk-based platform which was developed by Four Loop Technologies and perfected by Digium in 2007.

switchvox-solutionSwitchvox is a commercial version of Asterisk, so the source code is no longer open. Switchvox offers a polished, clean, and professional packaging of Asterisk amazement. VoIP Supply uses Switchvox as our…

Over the summer the Democratic presidential campaign contacted VoIP Supply for help with setting up their call centers.

We’re always honored to be trusted with a large job and it was a great opportunity to provide a phone system comprised of several hundred 8-port and 24-port FXS VoIP Gateways and some basic phones:

President Obama Likes VoIP Supply’s Phones and Gateways

VoIP Supply was confident that this phone system would work just fine for their application. What we didn’t expect was President Obama to try it out for himself.

But, here he is visiting a Virginia campaign office, surprising the workers with pizza, and jumping on the phones VoIP …

Three years ago if you asked us what the hottest open source platform was for your IP PBX, we would have said Trixbox CE.  It was free, easy to use, and always being

updated. Well the one thing that is certain around here is death, taxes, and CHANGE! With Trixbox CE going the way of the geese up here in Buffalo, NY, we have found that Elastix is quickly becoming the platform of choice when installing a new IP PBX. In fact, Elastix is more than just a phone system… it can be your entire UC strategy!

Elastix as an IP PBX

Elastix is an open source, Asterisk based UC system which can be downloaded and run on any PC, server, or laptop.  I mentioned …

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Morgan Korn at Yahoo! Finance reports on an interesting telecommunications story with big implications, China’s Huawei, ZTE Threaten U.S. National Security Interests: House Intelligence Report.

A report generated by the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee after an 11-month long investigation warns that, in the name of privacy, intellectual property, and national security, U.S. companies should be wary of doing business with Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp.

Further, as two of the world largest producers of critical telephony equipment, the report states:

China has the means, opportunity and motive to use telecommunications companies for malicious purposes… Industry giants like Huawei and ZTE provide a wealth of opportunities for Chinese intelligence agencies to insert malicious hardware or software implants into critical telecommunications components and systems.

Today was a busy day for Polycom as they started the day by ringing the opening bell on the NASDAQ before unveiling their newest additions to their video conferencing selection. Part of  their new video conferencing product lineup announced the Polycom RealPresence Group

What Is It?

The Polycom RealPresence Group Series has been designed to complement and expand on the existing Polycom RealPresence HDX Series, with both series sharing common features as far as interoperability, scalability and video/audio performance. For all that they share there will be certain features that will be supported by the RealPresence Group but not the RealPresence HDX and vice versa.

Some of the features unique to the RealPresence Group include 1080p60fps for people and content, a new user interface and …

In the 3 years since VoIP Supply started representing and selling 3CX VoIP Phone system we have seen an amazing increase year over year and quarter over quarter in interest from businesses worldwide of all shapes and sizes.  Perhaps there is something to this growing trend… maybe a Windows-based IP phone system is the right choice for you… Let’s review the Why’s and Why Not’s of running a 3CX phone system.

Why 3CX?


Unlike many of the other VoIP systems that are on the market, 3CX is a software solution. When you buy 3CX you will not receive any deliverable hardware, only a license keycode. This is a big PLUS because it allows3CX My Phone Window you to load the software on any hardware device you choose, as …