VoIP Supply Team 2012

Ten years ago VoIP Supply started with only an idea but, to borrow a line from V for Vendetta, “ideas are bulletproof.”

What started as just an idea has blossomed into one of the top private companies from its region by attracting over 125.000 customers and delivering more than $100,000,000 in technology sales.

Operating from the maligned Buffalo, NY region could have been a hurdle but instead, VoIP Supply followed two simple mantras to get to the top; “come to play” and “deliver excellence.”

VoIP Supply Climbs to #46 in Western New York’s Top Private Companies List

WNY Top Private Companies_Logo

When Buffalo Business First released the 2012 list of Western New York’s Top Private Companies in early November, VoIP Supply was not only on the list for the …

Sangoma is a Canadian based manufacturer of hardware and software components in the VoIP market. This includes a variety of analog telephony, digital voice, data, digital-analog hybrid and transcoding PCI cards but I am going to focus on their A100 digital cards. More specially I am going to take a look at the four parts of the name that help you understand what you’re ordering, making sure you purchase the right card. I am not going to discuss the specs of the card but you can read those on the datasheet here.

Sangoma A100 Cards

Sangoma A100 Naming Conventions

A1 – When a Sangoma PCI card name starts with A1 this lets you know that it is part of their digital series of cards. These cards can …

We are really excited to offer Obihai VoIP adapters as an option for VoIP connectivity for the residential or small business user.  Obihai offers an opportunity to make free or low cost calls over the internet using existing analog devices for most users.  Using your choice of a SIP VoIP service provider or Google Voice, the OBi100 and OBi110 are low cost VoIP adapters that can be easily configured by even the non-technical user to save a ton of money on voice calling.

What is it?

The OBi100 and OBi110 are VoIP adapters supporting 1 analog device such as an analog phone or fax machine.  The OBi100 series will connect to almost any SIPObihai_Obi110 service provider or Google Voice.  The OBi100 features 1 FXS …

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weakest link

“You are the weakest link – goodbye! ”
–Anne Robinson

Do you remember that show? It seemed so unfair to call one person out like that. Life shouldn’t be so cruel. But there is one place where we feel comfortable calling out one player who can make or break the game and no, it’s not Ryan Fitzpatrick from the Buffalo Bills (although some may argue me here).  When you are setting up your network to support your business, your router is the backbone of the entire strategy.  If your router fails, your network fails. If your network fails, your business fails.  With one piece of the puzzle so heavily relied on don’t take chances by installing a sub-par piece of equipment.

I recently read …

Elastix Certified Engineer Training Miami December 2012

Aspiring Elastix engineers have one more opportunity this year for Elastix Certified Training in Miami, Florida.

After announcing that New York City’s session in November was to be the last Elastix training in the US this year, it turns out that we were mistaken.

English and Spanish Classes Available

Courses are now available in not one, but two languages to teach engineers everything they need to know about installing, using, and configuring the Elastix platform:

  • December 3rd – 7th: Spanish spoken Elastix Certification Training in Miami.
  • December 10th – 14th: English spoken class for Elastix Certification Training in Miami.
  • Cost: $2800 per person. Group discounts available.
  • Location: 16701 Collins Avenue; Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160.
  • Suggested Accommodations: Newport Beachside Hotel and Resort.

Elastix …

Who is Obihai?
We recently had a chance to onboard a new supplier for VoIP Adapters, or ATA’s (Analog Telephone Adapters). Obihai, based out of Silicon Valley, CA, is a relatively new brand name on the horizon. The intellectual capital that built Obihai, however, is not.  Obihai’s foundation includes the very personnel who invented the ATA and engineered VoIP adapters for companies such as Sipura, Linksys, and Cisco.
Why Do We Need Another ATA?
With a plethora of low cost, well equipped VoIP adapters on the market, why are we so excited to offer yet another ATA?  Obihai has taken the ATA one step further on 2 key points. First, they have taken their 3 introductory models, the OBi100, OBi110, and OBi202, and added out …

Ben Sayers, CEO of VoIP SupplyBen Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply, knows a thing or three about changing locations when a business outgrows its space.

That doesn’t mean that things always go as planned.

Coordinate Your Move with Telecommunications Providers

The National Federation of Independent Business asked for Ben’s advice on what to avoid during a business move.

VoIP Supply bought its first building and moved in during December 2010 to start the New Year in a new headquarters.  Ben tells the story:

If your business depends on phone and Internet service to operate smoothly, give your providers 6-8 weeks’ notice to ensure timely installation of services in your new location.

When Ben Sayers moved his telecommunications business VoIP Supply to the other side of Buffalo, N.Y., a