Note:  This is the first installment of a three part series aimed at how VoIP systems can help law firms.  Check back for the next posts.

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If you’re familiar with the capabilities of a well-built VoIP phone system, then you know exactly how an office environment can benefit from reduced costs and enhanced capabilities. That’s all fine and dandy, you figure. But what if your office environment isn’t like every other business?

What if you’re running a legal firm and you need to know that your clients’ phone calls are handled properly 100% of the time?

When communicating properly is your organization’s lifeblood, you can use an integrated solution like VoIP to keep you constantly connected to the outside world. In this blog series, you’ll find out that not only can law firms benefit from VoIP, but it’s really the only ideal choice for them to consider.

Let’s organize the argument a little and provide a point-by-point analysis of how your law firm could benefit from a VoIP system.

Crystal Clear Connection

When a lawyer is having an important consultation over the phone with one of their clients, it’s crucial that their communication be not only uninterrupted, but unencumbered by the prospect of static and poor call quality.

VoIP systems offer clear, HD audio quality that will pick up your voice successfully and ensure you hear your clients right every time.

Call Forwarding

At large law firms – heck, at any law firm – effective call-forwarding is simply part of doing business. Clients who call into the firm should expect that they reach the right line every single time, whether they’re dialing an extension or going through a receptionist.

But don’t forget call forwarding can also be set up to forward office calls to a mobile phone in order to ensure that no important calls are ever left in your office system alone when they’re being made.

Email Access to Voicemails

Even the hardest-working lawyers know they’re not going to spend 24 hours a day in the office, which is why it’s crucial to integrate the VoIP phone system at the office with your capabilities when you’re at home and when you’re traveling.

This is easy to handle with email access to voicemails. Even if you lose your phone while you’re on vacation, your email access will allow you to stay connected to the office VoIP system.

Hands-Free Headset Support

One of the great features of VoIP communication is that it’s easy to integrate with a number of hardware solutions that match exactly what you’d expect to see in an office in 2012. That includes hands-free phone calling with VoIP headsets for when you need to multi-task and keep tabs on what your clients are saying by typing notes down.

Easy Phone Call Management

Using a dashboard to keep tabs on all the calls being made at your office gives you a greater degree of control over your office phone system than a traditional landline.

The more you use your VoIP system, the more you’ll learn that not only is it enjoyable, but it might actually qualify as a “lifesaver.”



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  1. I can’t believe that you managed to do a post on voip for lawyers without even mentioning security. VoIP can be locked down in ways that are very difficult with traditional telephony. It especially easy for on-net calls, like between offices.