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Arthur Miller

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Hi, I’m Arthur Miller, Sales Account Manager for VoIP Supply. I have been involved with telecommunications since college when I worked for a local CLEC and I have worked for VoIP Supply in a few different capacities for 6 years.

I have been fortunate enough to work with a lot of our vendors and manufacturers during my 2 years as Product Manager and running the purchasing department and I even had a hand in bringing to life one of our sister sites, which is currently being updated and reconstructed.

During my last 4 years I have worked in the sales department. I enjoy helping customers with phone system solutions and talking about the variety of IP PBX’s that VoIP Supply offers.

Through the years working with several hundred customers a week I have gained an awareness for a variety of different office environments and I understand that user expectations play a significant role in coming up with the best solution.

So if you need pricing, guidance, assistance, installation, and recommendations or even if you just need a few IP Phones, I would be happy to help you with your project.


Having worked in the VoIP Industry since 2005, I was able to experience a time when manufacturers’s were just beginning to come out with their first SIP only devices. The idea of an open standard interested me and throughout this time I have gained a keen awareness for our manufacturer’s products.

My background in data standards, management, purchasing, and sales has given me a unique perspective of the VoIP industry in it’s current state and I feel grateful for the experience that I have earned working with these manufacturers.


  • Aastra Pro160
  • Aastra SIP Terminal
  • Cisco Sales Expert
  • Cisco Small Business Voice
  • Cisco Small Business Storage
  • Cisco Small Business IP Surveillance
  • Cisco Small Business Networking and Switching
  • Cisco Small Business Security Appliances
  • Digium Switchvox
  • Plantronics
  • Polycom VSG
  • Polycom Video
  • Polycom Voice

In-house Trainings

  • 3CX
  • Aastra
  • Audiocodes
  • Cisco
  • Citel
  • Digium PCI Cards
  • Digium Asterisk Appliance
  • Freetalk PBX
  • Grandstream
  • Jabra
  • Phoenix Audio
  • Plantronics
  • Polycom Spectralink
  • Snom One
  • Snom IP Phones
  • Social Media
  • Sonicwall
  • Xorcom


I am in a bowling league for 40 weeks out of the year and maybe one of these day’s I’ll be in the Denny’s Classic (yeah right!). I am a season ticket holder for the NFL Buffalo Bills and the NHL Buffalo Sabres.

I enjoy watching all college and pro football, and pro hockey. I am recently married and enjoy spending time with my wife and our most recent trip was to the Finger Lakes region for a wine tour.

Questions on Arthur Miller

From Justin at 7/30/14 8:00 PM

Q: I have a question about the order i placed. It is in regards to Order #200160082. I purchased the Headset VXI Tria P DC and picked the wrong DC option, or i think that i did. I selected the 1026P lower DC option. So i placed another order for the Lower DC cord and chose the 1027P. After i already hit the submit button for payment I looked at the previous order i had made and checked the Lower DC options and 1027P was not listed. So the real question i have is does the 1027P compatible with the headset that i bought and also compatible with the VOIP CISCO 7965G phone? If it isn't can i cancel that request, so then i can select the correct cable? Let me know. Thank you!

A: Please open up a ticket with customer service.

Thank you

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From DTS at 11/7/14 7:00 PM

Q: What is the best VOIP Fax converter and are there any problems in a corporate office with these converters?

A: You would need to use an ATA, such as the Grandstream HT-502. The only problems you would encounter would be specific to the VoIP service you are using if you are using a hosted environment, or network misconfiguration issues.

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Customer Reviews

(Submitted on 7/31/14) | by Paul

Knows everything
I was so impressed with Art's knowledge. We talked about 7 different solutions and he knew everything about every single one. I know I can always count on him for his expertise.

(Submitted on 4/9/13) | by Matt

The most valuable phone call since i opened my business
Arthur took the time to explain a few things that no one else cared about. Customer service is necessary when you want to gain a customer and obviously if you want to keep them. Arthur's customer service was beyond your typical expectations. Will definitely be doing business with him soon.

(Submitted on 4/2/13) | by Ted

Advise on Aastra phones.
This guy was an absolute jerk. Treated me like I didn't know anything and acted like I was a waste of his time. Bad mouthed the system we just purchased.

(Submitted on 9/5/12) | by Louis

Great Service
Arthur really helped my customer and I out. We were on a very tight schedule and received great advice and a system that met the customers needs and budget.

Thanks again for making me look good!

(Submitted on 8/11/12) | by Goldeconomist

Great extra effort!
Arthur did a great job for me. At the close of business on a Friday I needed to get phones for our entire business ordered and shipped out by overnight. He personally made sure that the shipping was done just in time for the overnight delivery service, and got back to me to confirm this. Thanks so much, Arthur. It's great to connect with someone who offers first rate service when you are in great need of it!

(Submitted on 8/2/12) | by Alan

A pleasure
Like me, Arthur has a passion for helping people with IT issues so we connected right away. I always appreciate someone who can hit the ground running and then take me on a quick tour of products I should be looking at. I look forward to workign with Arthur again and again.

(Submitted on 7/20/12) | by j

Knowledgable, Responsive, and Friendly
Arthur answered all of my questions about the equipment I was considering and provided sensible advice about our phone system. He was sensitive to our project requirements and dispatched my order in a timely and efficient manner.

(Submitted on 7/18/12) | by Lee C.

The IT Guys Best Friend
I found Art after growing frustrations with all local suppliers in the midst of a my own Data Center relocation. He asked all the right questions, skipped the usual (cheesy) upsale tactics, was always prompt with great responses. He expedited everything I needed, and did more than his share to help guarantee my success.

Perhaps the only thing better than VOIP Supply's selection and pricing w as Art's professionalism and follow through.

Thank you so much!

(Submitted on 7/10/12) | by David

great help
I was much confused about what headsets that could be used in a noisey environment and with a new IP phone system that my agency was implicating in a week and instructors of the phone system just told us that an office supply store would have the headsets in stock which I quickly found out was not the case.

Art helped me what types of headsets would work best and answered all the dumb questions that I asked.


(Submitted on 5/16/12) | by H

A breath of fresh air
After much continued frustration with another supplier over excuses, miscommunication, and delays I came to VoipSupply and talked with Art.

Art actually explained the reasoning behind an industry wide delay on Digium's new D70 phones. He showed initiative to keep us up to date. Then gave real deadlines and the product came 2 weeks early!

I'm impressed, Art. Look forward to working with you and VoipSupply in the future.

(Submitted on 4/19/11) | by Alan

Asterisk Phone Server
Arthur helps me figure out the right components for my new Asterisk phone system - server and desk phones. Not just pointing me to the right hardware, but key reasons why there was a better way than I had thought.
He also was able to solve an issue with a custom speed dial button that I had been researching unsuccessfully for a long time.

Thanks Arthur!

(Submitted on 1/27/11) | by Pat R.

Arthur makes me look like a rockstar.
Excellent service and professional. I will always deal with Arthur for my ipPhone needs.

Arthur's commitment to customer satisfaction is outstanding. He was very courteous on the phone. The shipment was fast and well packed.

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