Switchvox SOHO Overview

October 12, 2010 by Arthur Miller

Switchvox SOHO Overview

Switchvox SOHO is Digium’s switchvox software offering for small or home offices, though many business including larger organizations can still benefit from the great features that SOHO offers.  There are two other Switchvox offerings; including free and SMB which I will describe in later blogs.  The SOHO version has a smaller feature set and was designed for small offices that require a professional phone system at a lower price point, or lower call volume than the SMB.

SOHO Hardware

Switchvox SOHO was designed to be implemented on the Switchvox AA60 PBX appliance which supports up to 10 concurrent calls .  Typically an office of this size has less than 30 users, and might not have a server room with a rack to host a larger machine; the AA60 takes care of that by coming with wall mount brackets, and is small enough to fit into a smaller desktop space.  If you are looking for a more robust server offering to host your PBX your next option is upgrading to SMB software which is compatible with a wider variety hardware.  If you are looking for redundancy, the AA60 is available in a cold-spare form; in the event that the AA60 shuts down you can simply load the software CD that came with your original purchase to quickly get your office back up and running with minimum downtime.

The AA60 has two telephony card slots. Supported telephony cards include:

  • FXS/FXO – Digium TDM400 series
  • FXS/FXO – Digium TDM800 series
  • T1 – Digim TE122 (only one TE122 is supported in the AA60)

SOHO Feature Comparison List

You can view the complete SOHO feature list here.

As you can see from the feature list the SOHO is a robust PBX that will hold up in almost any office situation.  Some of the highlights of the features include the ability to create custom hold music on different call queues, IVR options, dial by name directory, and call reporting.  The combination of these features creates a professional presentation to your clients, and allows you the ability to more easily manage daily business activities.

SOHO Pricing

Outside of the free or trial editions the SOHO offering is the least expensive Switchvox offering.  An AA60 with SOHO software loaded starts at just $1,890.00. Additional requirements may, or may not include a PCI Card which will vary depending on your telephony connection (for questions on this please call me directly at 716-250-3871).

Besides the pricing of the PBX the Switchvox SOHO supports a wide variety of IP Phones including Polycom which can be auto-configured on your system with the purchase of $30.00 provisioning token.  Lastly, support on the SOHO is $50.00 per user for email, $70.00 per user for phone and email, and $100 per user for phone and email support 24/7.  Many companies don’t offer the 24/7 support, this is a unique offering that switchvox offer.  The first 10 users on your system receive free email support!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Switchvox SOHO product, please call in with any inquiries or leave comments on this post.

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