Benefits of 3CX

September 8, 2010 by Arthur Miller

3CX is an easy to install, flexible phone system that operates on a number of popular windows versions (xp, vista, 7, 2003, 2008).  With the majority of businesses using Microsoft products and running windows it makes perfect sense to integrate a phone system that cooperates in that environment.  The commercial editions of the product can be used in any environment ranging from 2 concurrent calls up to 512 concurrent calls, so weather you are a small start-up or large enterprise company looking to switch to VoIP, 3CX is worth your consideration.

Integrating with Exchange

Running in a windows environment allows you to take advantage of unified message capabilities most notably through Microsoft Outlook.  As a user of 3CX you have access to voicemail to email functionality and click to call contact list.  Click to call allows you to manage your contacts entirely through your outlook interface. Where an email won’t suffice you now have the ability to call your contact immediately, without sorting through your blackberry or CRM application. Read here for (more advantages).

Compatibility and Ease of Implementation

Compatible hardware includes end points ranging from the Cisco 5XX’s series, and all Polycom IPXXX Phones.  3CX supports a number of SIP Trunking providers, and some of the more prominent Gateway and PCI card manufacturers such as Patton and Sangoma.  With 3CX, administrators make configuration changes through an easy to understand web based console which allows them to easily monitor and make changes to the phone system on the fly.

Complete Phone System

Completely replace your existing PBX by supporting existing analog infrastructure and or allowing you to utilize SIP trunks.  By having an unlimited number of extensions 3CX allows you to grow your system to match your company’s needs.  Increase your staff’s productivity by allowing them to work remotely with the 3CX free soft phone client, or take advantage of the basic necessities:  easy to use auto attendant, voicemail to email, call transfer, forward, and park [etc.].  Of course, the system offers many more advanced features such as the 3CX assistant.

3CX Assistant

The 3CX assistant is a desktop utility that will allow users of the system to view the phone status of all users on your PBX.  This allows you to make decisions about what to do with your call (transfer, send to voicemail, park, etc) without having to put a customer or prospect on hold and potentially miss manage an opportunity to give the best experience to your clients.  In addition to the obvious benefit of a single interface to manage these functions can also integrate your outlook contacts into your 3CX assistant; this feature will allow you to take advantage of click-to-call.

Affordable Pricing

Pricing on commercial 3CX Systems starts at just $450.00!  Purchasing a software based PBX allows you the option to load on your virtualized windows server, or your existing hardware.  This eliminates extra hardware and management costs that are normally associated with introducing a new PBX into your business.  If you prefer to segment the server that will host 3CX, VoIP Supply offers super micro hardware and will custom build your machine, load windows 7, and install the commercial version of your choice.  We also have the ability to pre-provision your phones and are happy to try to accommodate most any preparation requests to make installing the system as smooth as possible.

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