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In Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) VoIP service, you’re allowed to use a previously existing SIP phone system as the hardware through which you run your new VoIP provider.

This process can save you a lot of time, a lot of hassle, and certainly a lot of money – which is what makes it attractive to both businesses and individuals alike.

But too many people stop at this definition and never act on it, acquiring their own BYOD VoIP service.

Why is that?

We simply believe that it’s because too few people even know how to use BYOD. That’s why we’ll provide the solution for that problem in just a few quick steps.…

The effort we put in to forming a great customer experience made it unfortunate to learn that, yes, there are customers left unsatisfied by VoIP Supply; three percent of them.

Results showed that 97% of our customers are likely or very likely to buy from VoIP Supply again.

We’re very happy to share that a recent customer experience survey revealed extraordinary customer loyalty due to VoIP Supply’s:

  • Product Availability
  • Price
  • Expertise

VoIP Supply’s Survey Says…

In December 2011 VoIP Supply conducted a customer satisfaction survey of more than 500 of our customers.  From the results of that survey we were flattered to learn of a fantastic amount of appreciation that our customers have for our efforts.

The Numbers:

  • 98 Percent:  The number of customers likely or very likely to recommend VoIP Supply to colleagues

SN850002A lot of us (those of us who are at least 21, anyway) are fans of hosting parties that say “bring your own beer,” because the pressure is taken off us to provide the libations for the Sunday football game. This isn’t such a great prospect for the partygoer, of course, who is forced to essentially pay for their own drinks to attend a party.

That’s not how it works in VoIP. Bring Your Own Device VoIP often helps the person bringing the device by saving them money on hardware they don’t have to buy from their new VoIP provider. Are we getting ahead of you yet?

If so, keep on reading and you’ll know exactly how a Bring Your Own Device program can save …

Cisco WAP4410NNote:  This is the first installment in a three part series.

Like most people you’re probably accustomed to using a cell phone. So, why not have that same freedom of movement in the workplace?

Mobility is one of the major benefits of a Wireless VoIP solution.

However, wireless VoIP is not as mature as cellular technology so best practice is to have reasonable expectations of what to expect from these types of systems.

How Does Wireless VoIP Work?

Wireless VoIP, as the term suggests, is a VoIP phone freeing you from the constraints of wires.  It is similar in fit, finish and functionality to traditional VoIP phones expect that on the wireless versions, the Ethernet port on the phone is not required to connect to your LAN or your …

Jim Kander2Note:  This is a guest post by James Kander, North American Sales Manager for Polycom KIRK, and is the final installment in a three part series.  Click here for Part I and Part II.

Completing this series on when to choose DECT over Wi-Fi,  Jim Kander, North American Sales Manager for the Polycom KIRK line, joins us one last time to provide you with the best practices for installation and advice on things you need to make sure you do and things you should be sure to avoid.

To recap, Part I of this series helped users distinguish the differences between DECT (Polyom KIRK ) and Wi-Fi (Polycom SpectraLink) and Part II outlined what’s needed to make the solution work.

Site Surveys Key to Wireless Installation

VoIP Supply:  Jim, you’ve cleared

LifeSize_logoSeveral LifeSize product updates and availability have been released.


LifeSize ClearSea, the enterprise class client/server video collaboration solution for remote and mobile users, can now be updated to Sofware Version 2.0.12 that includes support for:

  • Customizable banner image in mobile clients.
  • New server-side contacts search and improved LDAP integration.
  • Stability fixes.

Connections Compatibility

LifeSize Connections with the latest Software Version 4.9 update will now work with:

If you have either the LifeSize 220 Series or Passport video systems you must download Version 4.9 to take advantage of Connections.

Passport Connect Now Available

LifeSize Passport Connect is now available. Passport Connect is a  revolutionary HD video system optimized for cloud-based solutions, and when paired with LifeSize® Connections, provides:

  • Auto-provisioning and

polycom_vvx_500Unified Communications (UC) touts universal access across all mediums so why not have a little interface unity across those devices? 

The Polycom VVX 500 is a sleek new HD voice VoIP phone offering a familiar touch screen experience.  A touch screen experience that’s so familiar I’m confident that even my iPad toting dad can use this phone with little to no training. 

Time Saver

Time saving is Polycom’s goal for the VVX 500 through a small learning curve, desktop and mobile device integration, and fingertip access to your information.  The VVX 500’s 3.5 inch touch screen provides a quick look at your synced calendar, contacts, and streaming media (news, sports, weather, stocks) to give you a jump on your day while your computer boots up.


Billed as …

Jim Kander2Note:  This is a guest post by James Kander, North American Sales Manager for Polycom KIRK, and is the 2nd installment in a three part series.  Part I is here.

Part I of this guest post series talked about Polycom’s two wireless solutions, the Polyom KIRK (DECT) line and the Polycom SpectraLink (Wi-Fi) option including the best way for users to distinguish what the true differences between DECT and Wi-Fi are. 

Following up on the previous post Jim Kander, North American Sales Manager for the Polycom KIRK line, joins us this time to talk about implementing a wireless, DECT VoIP solution.

VoIP Designers, Make It Work!

VoIP Supply:  Tim Gunn is famous for telling Project Runway designers to “make it work.”  We hope VoIP integrators don’t have to face the same

FaxBack BannerVoIP Supply is exited to announce that we’ve added FaxBack Fax adapters to efficiently employ VoIP faxing in your organization. 

Businesses still need fax machines but they haven’t evolved with your desktop.  Have you ever asked yourself why faxing can’t flow as easily as your online or computer-based applications?  FaxBack is here to provide the answer. 

The FaxBack Fax ATA (analog telephone adapter) will add new features to your ordinary fax machine just like VoIP added greater functionality to your phone. 

With a FaxBack fax ATA’s you can now receive fax notifications via email and manage your faxes through a control panel that allows fax tracking and archiving.  Even more, with FaxBack you can use any type of internet or data connection including satellite, Wi-Fi, …

Sangoma Vega 2

VoIP Supply has added the new Sangoma Vega Gateways to increase connectivity options for your VoIP application. 

Sangoma is “not just a board company anymore.”  Realizing the popularity of gateway appliances and the need for different but equal solutions for varied VoIP application scenarios, the Sangoma Vega Gateway line was launched to provide greater flexibility for VoIP integrators. 

Sangoma Vega Gateways provide interconnectivity between the co-existing traditional, analog voice networks and VoIP networks.  Reducing customer’s outlay and preserving ROI on your existing infrastructure, Vega gateways are offered in three highly flexible configurations:

  • Vega 50:  For low density analog or BRI connectivity.
  • Vega 5000:  For high density analog connectivity up to 50 FXS ports.
  • Vega 400:  For high density digital interfaces