adtran-logoADTRAN, a leading provider of networking and communications equipment, celebrates its 30th anniversary on September 17th, 2016.

ADTRAN holds the market share leadership position for integrated access devices and the #2 position for branch office routers, enabling voice, data, and internet communications globally.

We are proud to be ADTRAN’s partner and look forward to delivering excellent solutions together to more customers in the future. Happy 30th Anniversary ADTRAN!

Take a peek at their adventure of testing the ADTRAN ZIP Line across Lake ADTRAN the day before their 30th anniversary celebration. (It’s really cool!)…

mergeSeptember 17, 2016, Logitech announced that they have completed the process of acquiring the Saitek Controllers, a worldwide leader in custom sim hardware owned by Mad Catz at the time.

Logitech is a Swiss global computer and tablet accessories provider who has been expanding its product line over the years. The acquisition of Saitek costs Logitech 13 million dollars and is expected to be a privilege to their current business.

Saitek might be a good leverage for Logitech to tap the sim hardware market. We are excited to see how Logitech will move after this acquisition and lead Saitek into its next business phase in the near future!…

dog-ears-bookstoreBuffalo, New York September 20, 2016VoIP Supply, LLC recently upgraded Dog Ears Bookstore’s entire computer lab.

They are a local non-profit organization that works in conjunction with schools, community programs and publishing companies to offer not only a place to obtain books, but also a way to redistribute them back into schools and the community.

img_6050VoIP Supply began supporting Dog Ears Bookstore in 2008, during VoIP Supply’s worst fiscal year. Over time, VoIP Supply has provided volunteers to work at the bookstore as well as their computer lab. Earlier this year, the bookstore was devastated by a break-in and VoIP Supply knew they needed to help. They donated a complete audio/video surveillance package to help monitor the store and cafe to prevent future …

Last Thursday, September 15, 2016, Grandstream Network, Inc. was named a winner of the 2016 INTERNET TELEPHONY Channel Program Excellence by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.grandstream-logo

The award recognizes companies whose channel ecosystem helps partners deliver the highest standard of service to their customers. Grandstream sets an example in the VoIP industry by offering an excellent channel program to work seamlessly with their partners in an effective way.

We are proud to be Grandstream’s partner and are looking forward to continuously delivering excellence in the future. Congratulations Grandstream Network, Inc.…

When it comes to a business phone system there are two parts of the puzzle; VoIP hardware and VoIP service. We made sure we can provide you and your customers then entire solution.

Hardware! Hardware! Hardware!

With VoIP phone systems there are many aspects to to be offered to each deployment. It isn’t just an IP PBX and a VoIP phone attached to it. There are plenty of other hardware aspects needed along with VoIP hardware that enhances the communication system experience. Some other hardware appliances that VoIP Supply can offer are:


Every phone system deployment is different and will have different features or aspects that are necessary. At VoIP Supply …

With Great Change Comes Great Responsibility….or maybe not! A Hosted VoIP Phone system allows you to have minimal responsibility for your phone system.

We all know very well that changing something as large as your phone system may not be something very high on your list, but I would like to show you some of the benefits to switching over to a Hosted VoIP Phone System. They will increase your workplace efficiency which should increase your annual revenues!

1. Lower your monthly bills!

Untitled design (5) Every business could stand to save some money every single month. Take those funds and invest them back into your business! On average our CloudSpan MarketPlace Solutions Specialists are saving our customers 23%

The upfront cost of hardware is dramatically lower. Since …

Different Levels for Different Partners

At VoIP Supply, we understand not everyone is going to be a VoIP expert and have skills in the variety of VoIP offerings. We would like to extend our partner program not only to the VoIP experts in the field but also to clientele with vast business contacts.

Let’s try and break down the different partner levels in more detail.

Leading Reseller Thumbnail ImageReferral Partner: As a Referral Partner you will put us in touch with possible companies or businesses that would benefit from our Partner Program. We will support that customer in finding the correct solutions. There is no need for a technical background or knowledge of VoIP to become this type of partner.

Benefits to being a Referral Partner:

  • No …
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