7 Reasons to Switch to VoIP Service (1)

The decision of moving your phone system over to VoIP sometimes does not come easy and may inherit some speed bumps along the way. Here are 7 reasons why you should take the time to move over to a VoIP phone system.

Check out these benefits with a short description of each.

Reason #1

Less Expensive Phone Service

VoIP Service allows you to drop your old telephone service, reduce long distance costs and offer plans that allow you to only pay for what you use.

Reason #2


VoIP service brings such features as call routing, voicemail to email, advanced call reporting and call presence. Also, the outward appearance won’t change much to your users and that will ease the transition and learning period of …


We are going on the road this year! We have decided to join the Channel Partners Conference & Expo March 16th to 18th in Las Vegas.

Schedule Time to Meet With Us!

We want to meet with you while in Las Vegas and are open to schedule times throughout the week. Please give us your contact information here.


We are very excited to talk with you about our new offerings for 2016. Some of the new offerings we are showcasing will be:

  • Fulfillment – Business automattion, Turnkey solutions & International Fulfillment options
  • Partner Program – Designed to assist all of our partners who want to offer the perfect telecommunications solution to their clients
  • CloudSpan MarketPlace – A single place to shop

b corporation

Beneficial Corporations“(B Corps) are corporations certified by the non-profit B Lab with the goal of developing positive impact on society and the environment in addition to the legally defined shareholders.

Seeing B Corporation as our business guideline to make decisions and develop core value and culture,  VoIP Supply has been certified as a B Corp for the second time to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. 

With seven points higher than the median score in Environment evaluation, VoIP Supply would like to highlight its extensive recycling program, specifically the Reclaim Equipment Buyback Program which not only gives customers more options to buy and sell VoIP equipment, but saves excess VoIP equipment from being wasted.


VoIP Suppy …

renegadepbx blog banner

We are excited to announce the first ever VoIP Supply branded IP PBX, the RenegadePBX 1U Appliance. At VoIP Supply, we strive to put you, the customer, first. With over 13 years of perfecting your buying experience before, during and after your purchase we wanted to bring this experience to our own appliance.

The choices are all up to you!

In true VoIP Supply fashion, we didn’t want to limit you to only certain choices with your IP PBX. The RenegadePBX allows you to mold the exact appliance needed for your situation.

  • Choose your own open source software platform (installed on your appliance prior to shipment)
  • Connection to the PSTN if needed
  • Choose the SIP trunking provider you would like (our new CloudSpan Marketplace will

You are looking at the perfect fringe dress to wear to the office during the fall and winter. This cheap price fringe dress has a very tailored fit and it looks very professional. It will accentuate the hips and make your waist look smaller. It has large buttons but when it is fastened you won’t see the buttons giving the fringe dress a really chic look. The inside of the fringe dress is lined to make it more comfortable to wear on a daily basis. For those really cold days you need to wear a scarf the collar has a clasp. The black color makes this fringe dress very versatile but, if you prefer it can be ordered in a blue or green version. This …

If you’ve been following the net neutrality debate you know that the FCC is currently reviewing over 3 million comments from the public to find out how they feel about the current Open Internet standard that we’re used to.

So far, public opinion is less than 1% against net neutrality. Most people, it seems, believe that all internet traffic was created equal.

Can the voice of the people be enough to sway the FCC or will service providers be allowed to monetize priority internet traffic?

We’ll have to wait. In the meantime, if you’ve wondered how this will affect your Voice over IP, here’s a helpful infographic from Visually:…

You won’t find Polycom’s DECT handsets called KIRK anymore. It might be a little confusing, so here is a blog post to help break it down.

A while ago Polycom let Spectralink loose after acquiring them and their handsets in 2007 which has allowed Spectralink to rebrand their own products again, but otherwise Spectralink kept everything the same.

VoIP Supply already posted about Spectralink 8000 Series, so now take a moment for the KIRK transition to the Spectralink 7000 Series.

Following suit as the Polycom KIRK’s, the Spectralink 7000 Series do not come with a charger or a power supply. You’ll need to purchase both options separately. The correct charger options for each series will be available in the Accessories panel on each handset …

With Microsoft WPC 2013 in full swing this week in Houston, Texas it wouldn’t be surprising to see quite a few Lync product announcements coming out and Polycom has duly obliged. Today Polycom announced the release of two new Lync video conferencing units and Lync qualification for their VVX Business Media phones.

According to the press release the new Polycom CX5500 and Polycom CX5100 are “the industry’s first 360-degree, panoramic 1080p HD video collaboration solutions custom-built for Microsoft Lync 2013.” Additionally each model supports 30 frames per second, Polycom HD Voice and USB connectivity allowing them to be connected to a computer. The main difference between the two models so far seems to be the ability of the CX5500 to double as a SIP …

Yealink SIP-T4X VoIP Phones

Over the next couple months Yealink will be releasing several new phones and to use a popular idiom; with the new Yealink SIP-T4X Series, Yealink are really breaking the mold.

What Is It?

The Yealink SIP-T4X series are the latest VoIP phones from Yealink. The series currently consists of three phones, an expansion module and a Bluetooth dongle. The new phones mark a big break from the familiar look of the popular Yealink SIP-T2X and Yealink SIP-T3X series phones with a completely new design.

Part of the new design, one of the biggest difference between the new models and the older ones is the lack of a paper insert for programmable keys. A common feature on previous Yealink phone models the paper insert has been …

If you were a fan of Cisco last quarter you no doubt followed their 4-4-3 promotion where you practically got your 4th SPA504 or SPA303 phone for free when you bought a 4 pack. What a great promotion! Let’s face it, when the marketing giants at Cisco put their minds to work, they pump out some great deals! But all good things must come to an end.  How do you top that?

Well, believe it or not, they have! The Cisco SPA504 is arguably our most popular Small Business VoIP phone and has been since it came out in 2009.  Not only is the Cisco SPA504 feature rich and sexy, it is pretty affordable too at only $124.99.  The SPA504 offers 4 lines, a backlit …