Cisco_CallwaySimple, secure, and lightweight describe Cisco Callway video conferencing solutions now available from VoIP Supply.

Small and medium-sized business looking to save time and money on business travel with video communications can breathe easier knowing that Cisco Callway requires no heavy lifting.  You do not have to invest heavily in video infrastructure equipment such as a gatekeeper and bridge that require on-site management by experienced IT personnel.

Instead, Cisco Callway is a subscription-based telepresence service that is part of the Cisco Collaboration Cloud as part of the growing array of video communications solutions they now offer.

Subscribe, Don’t Buy

Cisco TelePresence Callway removes the cost and complexity of deployment because it is a cloud-enabled service.

Cisco’s Callway service can be used on its own if you have existing equipment or, it works seamlessly when used in conjunction with Cisco Video Conferencing devices.

With Callway your business can:

  • Cisco Jabber

    Join up to 12 participants in a call (Cisco TelePresence Callway bridges are available for a monthly fee, and allow for customizable URIs such as

  • Videoconference with colleagues, partners, customers and extended team members outside their organization using compatible standards-based systems.
  • Include users on a compatible computer with Cisco Jabber Video.
  • Forget about counting minutes, because Callway comes with unlimited video calling and desktop sharing.
  • Turn their Callway video service subscription into a hosted VoIP service, with the optional VoIP Phone Out, to make unlimited outgoing phone calls for only $9/month.

Why Travel?

Callway delivers on the same exact benefits that your SMB looks to a cloud service in the first place.  Garrett Smith, VoIP Supply CMO, explains how:

“Cisco TelePresence Callway delivers the benefits that a cloud service should: It is easy to use, does not require specialized equipment or resources to maintain, and brings a rapid return on investment.  Because it’s so simple, businesses can easily strengthen important relationships that require that “in-person” communication experience—without all the fuss and cost of IT staff.”

Callway keeps your travel budget lean and won’t make you regret your video conferencing investment by providing:

  • How does Cisco Callway Video Conferencing work?A high-quality “in-person” experience with HD video and crisp audio.
  • An intelligent cloud service that’s easy to setup and eliminates the need for specialized IT expertise or additional equipment to begin video calling.
  • Secure videoconferencing with media encryption.
  • Business-class customer service provided by Cisco.

Really, How Does it Work?

Christina Smith, VoIP Supply Product Manager, has a great hands-on and in-depth look at how to set-up and use Cisco Callway; her own internal case study.  Not to spoil it for you but, it turns out that Callway is very easy to use.

Click here for her blog series:

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