3CX, developer of aggressively priced proprietary PBX replacements, is now offereing the 3CX Call Center Edition for professional call center installations.

Real-Time Reporting & Queue Statistics

The 3CX Call Center Edition is a software-based IP PBX Phone system  that adds advanced real-time reporting, queue statistics and other features you’d expect from a call center offering.

3CX Call Center Edition’s biggest advantage is that no complicated hardware set-up is required.

Additionally, the Call Center module is simply a license key upgrade to your existing 3CX Phone System.  So, if you’re already running a 3CX Phone System, you just need to purchase the 3CX Call Center Edition Upgrade Module.

Tailored for SMB’s

Improving customer service response is crucial for any business.  With 3CX Call Center Edition you’ll gain a faster, more powerful, and more affordable method for managing phone communications.

Nick Galea, 3CX CEO, explains

“Customer service is key in today’s cut throat market. The 3CX Call Center Module allows small and medium businesses to deliver superior customer service without having to buy an expensive enterprise call center. Previous to the 3CX Phone System, adding much needed call center features to your phone system was prohibitive.”

Ensure Customer Service

Don’t lose calls or keep your customers waiting.  With 3CX Call Center Edition you’ll gain advanced enterprise level features in a simple software-based package at SMB prices.  3CX does the heavy lifting to better manage agents and customers making it possible for you to increase employee productivity and sales.

For more information, watch the 3CX Call Center Module Video.



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