10.  RCA VoIP Phones. Name brands you have come to know and trust in your home have begun to emerge in the VoIP market. RCA VoIP phones for instance, along with Panasonic and AT&T, have begun to offer SIP phones that bring the consumer-friendly look and feel to your office. The most popular model, the RCA IP150, runs on an Android O/S and brings the Smartphone user experience to your desk.


9. Cisco SPA112 and SPA122. So long PAP2T and SPA2102! The new Cisco ATA’s are smaller, sexier, and more robust!


KX-TGP5508. Panasonic KX-TGP550 and KX-TPA50. With the passing of the Aastra CT Phones, the demand for a corded IP deskphone and a cordless DECT satellite handset was more focused …

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No doubt you have read articles and seen social media posts about the video conferencing craze and why experts are saying that this is where business is going. No doubt since the cost of business travel has skyrocketed and is becoming a more and more critical business expenditure.  By adopting and using a video conferencing strategy in your business, you can save up to 50% on your annual travel costs.

How does this really affect you? Why do you need video conferencing in your business today and how hard or expensive is it going to be?  As a real business owner, we asked video conferencing expert Andria Baunee these questions.



Business Owner: Why would I want video conferencing and why would I want a

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NHL Lockout

There’s a great lesson any company can learn from this season’s NHL lockout:  Don’t let your business model put all of its eggs in someone else’s basket.

Otherwise, news stories like NHL Dispute Puts Sales for Small Businesses on Ice or, NHL Lockout Penalizes Businesses That Depend on Hockey Crowds, could be about you.

For an eCommerce company like VoIP Supply the NHL lockout equivalent would be what is known as “digital sharecropping”  or, “building your business on someone else’s land” as Sonia Simone at Copyblogger explains.

Too Big To Fail

Entrusting the health of your online business to properties you can’t control can be disastrous because they can change the rules (Facebook), disappear (Myspace), or alter your ROI when they stop being free …

Like many companies RCA is embracing VoIP but their switch is a little different, they are making VoIP phones.

While the RCA name isn’t one that will be new to people thanks to their history in the entertainment technologies industry, the announcement earlier this year that they were releasing three VoIP phones may have been a bit of a surprise to some people. When I had the chance to speak with Mark Pollock, Senior Director of Sales – North America RCA Business Phones, I asked him about why RCA decided to enter the VoIP market and about their plans going forward.


VoIP Supply – Many people may not be aware that RCA has been in the telephony business for quite some time now.  Most

In a not too distant past, we’ll say 20 years ago, it was common to be sitting in the cold glow of Dateline watching some surveillance recording of a convenient store being robbed and all you could make out was black and white static footage that barely resembled a dark hoodie and a blurred face.

The old days of just comprehensible analog footage has been completely left behind and digital video has taken its place and moved on.

To no fault of analog; the history and technology of the time is fascinating—interlaced scanning, the absolute need for sturdy coax cable, VHS tapes being changed out every 8 hours—but it just doesn’t have the wow factor anymore.  Even modern analog cameras maxing out at 976×494 resolution …

Cisco TelePresence Video Conferencing

Note: This is a guest post by Rachel Greenberg from VoIPReview.org. VoIPReview.org pioneered the concept of comparing VoIP service providers and is an information resource for both consumer and small business VoIP providers.

Lots of small businesses love VoIP service because VoIP makes it easy for a small company to put forward a highly polished and professional appearance. For example, a simple hosted PBX service with an auto attendant can give a small company the same outward appearance as a high-powered enterprise.

One of the biggest advantages for any business that switches to a VoIP system is in the easy-to-use conference calling functionality. VoIP conference calling services allow you to hold phone conferences with anywhere from 3 to 50 people depending on the …

With the end of 2012 (and possibly the whole world) quickly approaching, we wanted to do a favor for those of you with excess budget that you need to “use or lose”.  I know, I know- you can thank us later, because with these “top 12 things to do with excess budget” you don’t have to plan on your own, and you can take back your most important asset – your time!


12.  Company tickets for an NHL game! Everyone loves to blow off some workplace steam by having a  few brews and sitting back to watch some….. oh wait…

11.  Learn to dance Gangnam Style. Many fitness places around North America are offering classes to learn how to ride your horse Gangnam Style, including Sunberry