Grandstream Networks has just released a major firmware upgrade for the award-winning Grandstream GXV3175 multimedia desktop IP phone with 7″ touch screen.

Version 1.03.22

Version is a major Grandstream firmware upgrade supporting these enhanced features and more:

  • Support for social media platforms: Facebook and TwitterGXV3175
  • Support for Virtual BLF (Busy-Lamp-Field) buttons for business phone system applications
  • Support for more Broadsoft call features
  • Support for GMI (Grandstream Manager Interface), a device management API/Software Development Kit that allows development of advanced custom phone applications
  • Support for advanced XML customization of the phone’s GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Enhanced language support for German, Italian and Russian


3CX, developer of aggressively priced proprietary PBX replacements, is now offereing the 3CX Call Center Edition for professional call center installations.

Real-Time Reporting & Queue Statistics

The 3CX Call Center Edition is a software-based IP PBX Phone system  that adds advanced real-time reporting, queue statistics and other features you’d expect from a call center offering.

3CX Call Center Edition’s biggest advantage is that no complicated hardware set-up is required.

Additionally, the Call Center module is simply a license key upgrade to your existing 3CX Phone System.  So, if you’re already running a 3CX Phone System, you just need to purchase the 3CX Call Center Edition Upgrade Module.

Tailored for SMB’s

Improving customer service response is crucial for any business.  With 3CX Call Center Edition you’ll gain a faster, …

In April it was announced that a new app from T-Mobile called Bobsled would allow users to make free VoIP calls through Facebook.

Turns out that announcement was a little premature as the service was shelved within a week of its launch due to confusion that Bobsled was actually an official Facebook program.

But, T-Mobile is expected to bring back the VoIP service early next week.  Thanks to FiecreMobileContent for the update and you can read more here and here.…

Polycom has just released new SIP firmware version 3.1.2, and it can be found here. This release is identical to the SIP 3.1.2 release with the addition of software and configuration parameters applicable to the VVX 1500 phone.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • SIP 3.1.2 includes GA level support for SoundStation IP 7000 integration with Polycom HDX video systems. This feature requires that the SoundStation IP 7000 is running BootROM 4.1.2 or newer software.
  • The SoundPoint IP/SoundStation IP XML API feature is now formally supported in this release. This feature was designated as a Beta in the SIP 3.1.0 and SIP 3.1.1 releases.
  • SoundPoint IP 550, 560, 650 and 670 products require BootROM 4.1.0 or newer in order to load SIP firmware release

There’s a new generation and it won’t be denied. I have previously blogged on the exciting new FreeSwitch 1.0 release. I predicted it wouldn’t be long before others in the industry started seeing its worth and started making applications for it. Well, one major trend seems to be that the folks over at SipX Foundry, who make the very nice SipXecs, are a bit smitten with FreeSwitch, and what it can do for them. They’ve just created a conference server solution and next in line are an IVR and hints about a voicemail system based on FreeSwitch. They now have that feature/application server that they needed to complete their system. I expect to see the SipXecs project to use FreeSwitch more often.…

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On April 2, Polycom introduced the release of its Productivity Suite application to run on SIP firmware version 3.0.0 and bootrom 4.0.1 on Polycom Soundpoint IP Phone models. The application was designed to allow companies to work more efficiently and effectively through state-of-the art communication tools. Three of the offerings included in the Productivity Suite specifically designed for this are:

-Visual Conference Management- which allows the user to manage a four-way conference call directly from the Polycom IP Phone display. Users have the ability to add, drop, split, mute, and place callers on hold, all by the press of a button and all managed through the local phone. This means that there is NO more calling into conference phone bridges and NO access …

SIP2.1.1 RevC Adds Support for the IP 330/320

Polycom has released the latest version of their SIP software for the complete line of SoundPoint IP Phones. SIP2.1.1 RevC adds support for the SoundPoint IP Phones 330/320 products. In addition the release includes one fix for an issue that was experienced by a customer on the IP 430, 550, and 650 products (Issue 35913: SoundPoint IP430, 550, 650 phones may reboot while in a call under certain network conditions.) The images for the SoundPoint IP 300, 301, 500, 501, 600, 601, and 4000 products are unchanged.

Polycom’s next SIP release (SIP 2.1.2) is targeted for release in June 2007.

For more information on this SIP release, or to gain access to this release, please call …