Did You Know: Some Key Features of 3CX Version 20

February 13, 2024 by jstewart

To prepare for the upgrade, you must ensure all your prerequisites, including your network, hardware, and email settings, are set properly. You will need to upgrade from Debian 10 to Debian 11 to Debian 12.

Here are some of the key features that you will find with Version 20:

V20 is an entirely new system, not just an upgrade. With this new SIP engine, you will have better and more direct control of calls with fewer failed transfers, immediate call pickup and listen-in, and can handle large installations.

With V20, Groups are renamed to Departments. You can not only define office hours, but you can also define the holidays, time zones, and language settings. Coming soon is Phonebook, CRM configuration, and Blacklist in Departments as these features are still in development.

The multi-line queue strategy is a new functionality. Once agents have “accept multiple calls” enabled, it allows agents who are already on a call to be polled and the call can be answered. 

User roles are not customizable in V20. Any previously customized roles will be revoked and reset to the default.

There is more information and a cleaner configuration available to the Admin Console. All the info is organized on one line. Listed are the system owner, their email address, extension, which department they are assigned to, if there are any DIDs assigned to them, and which IP Phones are assigned, as well as integrations.

With a cross-department view, users within certain roles can see the status and calls of other users across the departments. 

The new 3CX Windows Softphone received a makeover and is continuing to evolve as it is currently on Beta 6. It can be deployed through the Microsoft Store which allows updates to be pushed through. Jabra headsets can be integrated. An Apple application is coming soon.

Regarding APIs, when a call comes in, you can now see the caller ID and assign specific agents right away. Don’t fear, CFD projects are not going anywhere. 

2FA can be enabled with Version 20. It is synchronized with Google & Microsoft Authenticator. 

There are a few updates that have not made it in this release but these features are to come in the future:

  • Scheduled reports
  • Hot desking
  • On-premises video conferencing server
  • Group SMS
  • More APIs
  • Switchboards
  • And much more!

Since the final version of V20 has yet to officially be released, there is no deadline for how long you can stay on Version 18.

Please leave a comment for us here or reach out to the VoIP Experts at 1-800-395-8647!

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