Note:  This is the 3rd installment in the Switchvox vs. 3CX series.  Click here for Part I and Part II.

Digium Small Biz Bundle For Switchvox

For most people, witnessing the advances in phone and voice technology has been all about mobile smartphones. It’s great that we have so many apps on our phones, that we can access the Internet at a moment’s notice, and that our phones are capable of doing so much more for us than they could even ten years ago.

But what about unified communications (UC) and mobile solutions together? How comprehensive has the technology really gotten? Let’s answer that question by looking at a few of the potential solutions you can use at your company from companies like Switchvox and 3CX, two of …

Note:  This is the 2nd installment in the Switchvox vs. 3CX series.  Click here for Part I.

Advantage_DisadvantageIn the world of VoIP, today’s businesses expect a lot of options. Phone conferencing, voice mail emails, call forwarding, software that has comprehensive reporting – it’s all expected as part of the regular package.

So if all of those solutions are considered standard in today’s industry, what exactly is going to set VoIP providers apart from the competition?

In the cases of Switchvox and 3CX, the answer is simple: a lot, actually. And yet these two VoIP solutions are not identical.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages that make these two companies different – and what that might …

What is a wireless VoIP network, and how can it help your business?

For the VoIP user, it’s just like making a regular phone call. VoIP access is much cheaper than traditional phone plans because VoIP service providers are using the existing infrastructure of the internet – they don’t have to build or maintain their own network of lines and towers.

A wireless VoIP network simply uses WiFi to access the internet. It’s a lot like setting up a wireless network in your house that you’d use with your laptop. In fact, companies like Cisco and Netgear that make networking devices for home networks also make VoIP devices. You might even be able to use your existing WiFi as your wireless VoIP network, depending on …

Too many small business owners hear the phrase “Voice over IP” or “VoIP” and instantly dismiss the idea as being too technical for them. But the truth is that VoIP hardware and software are not at all that difficult to use and can even make the entire experience of using a phone system more intuitive.

Of course, finding out just how intuitive they can be requires using them first.

Enter Switchvox and 3CX, two powerful services for VoIP that both offer comprehensive and yet distinct solutions for your business’ phone problems. In this series, we’ll take a look at what each of these services has to offer you – as well as their strengths and even weaknesses – and bring you up to date …

Cisco WAP4410NNote:  This is the first installment in a three part series.

Like most people you’re probably accustomed to using a cell phone. So, why not have that same freedom of movement in the workplace?

Mobility is one of the major benefits of a Wireless VoIP solution.

However, wireless VoIP is not as mature as cellular technology so best practice is to have reasonable expectations of what to expect from these types of systems.

How Does Wireless VoIP Work?

Wireless VoIP, as the term suggests, is a VoIP phone freeing you from the constraints of wires.  It is similar in fit, finish and functionality to traditional VoIP phones expect that on the wireless versions, the Ethernet port on the phone is not required to connect to your LAN or your …

Jim Kander2Note:  This is a guest post by James Kander, North American Sales Manager for Polycom KIRK, and is the final installment in a three part series.  Click here for Part I and Part II.

Completing this series on when to choose DECT over Wi-Fi,  Jim Kander, North American Sales Manager for the Polycom KIRK line, joins us one last time to provide you with the best practices for installation and advice on things you need to make sure you do and things you should be sure to avoid.

To recap, Part I of this series helped users distinguish the differences between DECT (Polyom KIRK ) and Wi-Fi (Polycom SpectraLink) and Part II outlined what’s needed to make the solution work.

Site Surveys Key to Wireless Installation

VoIP Supply:  Jim, you’ve cleared

Having a VoIP system for your start-up is an easy decision: your company can use the power of the Internet to essentially run a professional phone system at just a couple dozen dollars a month. But if you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’re already convinced about the benefits of VoIP for a start-up

Now you want to know how to implement the dang thing! 

The good news is that integrating VoIP in your start-up is one of the easiest things you’ll do all day and many companies offer this service for free. So let’s learn how you can start integrating VoIP into your current phone system and have it all ready by the end of the day – or maybe even …

In this video below from an AstriCon session, the Asterisk user conference and expo,  real world VoIP security scenarios are discussed including a hack that resulted in $400,000 in fraudulent charges.

VoIP hacks pop up in the news rather frequently and like any other technological scam, it’s a silent threat. Click here to see what a simulated VoIP hacker attack looks like. 

Being that it’s silent businesses may not realize why VoIP security matters and if you haven’t yet, take another look at your VoIP security systems.

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3CX, developer of aggressively priced proprietary PBX replacements, is now offereing the 3CX Call Center Edition for professional call center installations.

Real-Time Reporting & Queue Statistics

The 3CX Call Center Edition is a software-based IP PBX Phone system  that adds advanced real-time reporting, queue statistics and other features you’d expect from a call center offering.

3CX Call Center Edition’s biggest advantage is that no complicated hardware set-up is required.

Additionally, the Call Center module is simply a license key upgrade to your existing 3CX Phone System.  So, if you’re already running a 3CX Phone System, you just need to purchase the 3CX Call Center Edition Upgrade Module.

Tailored for SMB’s

Improving customer service response is crucial for any business.  With 3CX Call Center Edition you’ll gain a faster, …

Over the last few years there have been a number of obituaries posted for the PBX; specifically the premise based IP PBX.

There is no doubt in my mind (or anyone else) that hosted and cloud based systems have taken a huge huge chunk out of the premise based market. However, in order to truly understand to what levels hosted and cloud telephony have impacted the growth of premise based IP PBX systems, one must consider the customer segments that each serves.

In the SOHO market, characterized as 1 – 10 lines/seats/users, there is no doubt that hosted and cloud telephony solutions have killed the premise based PBX. For customers of this side, almost regardless of vertical, hosted and cloud based communications is the way …