Cisco Case Study of VoIP SupplySmall businesses love the quality and reliability of Cisco hardware.  What they like even better is qualified Cisco support to lean on when something does goes wrong.

However, there was something standing in the way of Cisco customer’s happiness.

Not everyone offers Cisco Small Business Support Services and to make things more difficult, there was no simplified process to add this lifeline to your devices.

Until now.

Cisco Support Case Study

Cisco’s latest small business case study, Small Businesses Gain Big Support, looks at the challenges customer’s faced when upgrading or ordering new Cisco VoIP systems.

Once through the complex process of deciding on a VoIP system, customers wanted a high level of peace of mind which, they can now get in the form of Cisco Small Business Support Services.

The service provides customers “three years of telephone or online chat support, software updates, access to the Cisco Small Business Support Community, next-business-day hardware replacement, and, in some cases, accelerated response times to technical issues.”

Customers will be happy to note that this suite of services can be added quickly, with no hassle.


Cisco launced a new functionality called “ClickToAttach”  to ensure that the service ordering process was monumentally streamlined.

VoIP Supply employed ClickToAttach on its website with a simple drop-down menu so that customers could easily purchase services during any part of the ordering process.

Christina Smith, VoIP Supply’s Cisco Product Manager explains:

“Cisco is perceived as a high-end brand. Customers who previously assumed that they couldn’t afford a Cisco Unified Communications system now realize they can have a world-class solution with extended coverage. With Cisco providing customer support, our customers feel confident making larger purchases of Cisco equipment.”

Cisco ClickToAttach Drop-Down Menu
Cisco ClickToAttach Drop-Down Menu

Cisco Solutions

For more information about the affordable and efficient way to protect your Cisco investment, read the entire case study.  And click here for additional Cisco product information.



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