Phoenix Audio_Quattro3What Is It?

The Phoenix Audio Quattro3 is the latest, most technologically advanced table top conference phone that maximizes performance for medium and large conference rooms while maintaining a small, sleek, and sophisticated design.

What Does It Do?

The newest in the successful line of Quattro conference phones, the Quattro3 replaces the Quattro2.

What hasn’t changed with the Quattro3 is your ability for 3-way communication bridging to your other devices with the USB link, recording of conversations directly to your PC or Mac, and the Quattro3 remains the smallest solution for a big conference room!.

  • Performance: New, more powerful processor delivers true HD audio.
  • Expandable: Daisy chain all Quattro3 devices with standard Ethernet cable and power them from a single source.  You no longer need proprietary cables.
  • Flexible: A modular speakerphone, the Quattro3 easily upgrades with new interface cards as technology changes.
  • Dialer: A new model with a built-in dial pad improves your standalone conferencing solution.
  • Connectivity: The USB outlet allows you to connect to a computer for any VoIP sessions such as Skype, Vidyo, etc. The “smart” interface on this model allows you to connect to any analog audio device.
  • Adaptability: Included with this model is a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable adapter enables you to connect to any smart phone or tablet device such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Galaxy, ect.
  • Talk for Hours: The internal battery allows for 7 hours of use.

Expanding upon the previous edition, the new Quattro3 also raises the bar for audio performance with a new, more powerful processor that delivers exceptionally clear High Definition full-duplex audio.

In addition to that, you can still rely on the Quattro3 for the latest in digital signal processing and technology that includes a four microphone beamforming array, four speakers, echo canceling, noise suppression, De-reverb, and bridging between USB and IP Telephones.

Who Is It For?

A conferencing speakerphone for a large area doesn’t have to be just that; large.  The Quattro3 is for anyone who needs the flexibility and portability to turn any room into a professionally sounding conference room.

Although technologically advanced, the Quattro3 remains a simple and user friendly product. Phoenix Audio strives to maintain a plug-and-play philosophy so the Quattro3 does not require expert knowledge in audio setup or any additional installations such as drivers.


The Phoenix Audio Quattro3 is available now!  Click here for all available models.




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