Fanvil Launched a NEW Sub-brand LINKVIL – Fully Wireless Communication

August 24, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Fanvil, a leading global audio and video VoIP device provider, recently announced the launch of a new sub-brand LINKVIL to produce wireless unified communication products! 

What is Linkvil?

Don’t worry, Fanvil is not going away! LINKVIL is Fanvil’s new sub-brand of fully wireless communication. As the sub-brand of Fanvil, LINKVIL will be focusing on the research and development of A&V-IoT wireless communication products.

Based on Audio & Video -IoT, LINKVIL helps Fanvil to achieve the full connection of wireless communication systems. LINKVIL builds a wireless communication Eco-system for multi-scenarios to help accelerate digital transformation. This new sub-brand is expected to bring Fanvil’s business to a new level by catering customers’ wireless communication needs. 

VoIP Supply will carry all products under LINKVIL. More wireless communication will be launched in the near future. Fanvil has recently released one product, the LINKVIL by Fanvil Portable WiFi Phone W611W. This is the first product to be made availabe under the LINKVIL line of products. 

We are so excited about this great news and are looking forward to connecting more customers to the wireless world with LINKVIL 

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