IP40What is the Plantronics IP40?

The Plantronics IP40 is a SIP-based deskphone that comes in a small form factor and no dial pad.  The IP40 supports SIP Protocol and plugs directly into your RJ45 LAN jack to make calls.  The IP40 has dual PoE RJ45 Jacks, so you can use it as a PoE Switch to route voice and data from a single port in the wall to both the IP40 and the PC, saving you the time of installing a 2nd RJ45 jack in each station when installing VoIP for the first time.  The IP40 ships with a Plantronics QD lower cord and  any Plantronics wired headset will plug directly into it.

Why would I want an IP40?

ip40 - handAn IP40 is a great choice for someone who will be desk-bound taking over 50 inbound calls a day.  Compared to a similar desktop IP Phone, the cost of a Plantronics IP40 is much less and there are less features to distract the desktop associate.  The Plantronics IP40 provides the inbound call support you need without some of the distractions that may not be needed, such as multiple line appearances,  speakerphone, and menu.  It also eliminates the ability for users to make outbound personal calls, hence increasing productivity.   The Plantronics IP40 form factor is slightly bigger than an iPhone, so it takes up much less desktop real estate than a comparable IP Phone. The IP40 would be a great deskphone in areas where the desk space is limited and there is only one RJ45 port.

Why wouldn’t I want an IP40?

One word – outbound calls. Ok, that is two words, but you know what I mean.  If you are in a position where there is consistent need to make multiple outbound calls as well as inbound calls, the Plantronics IP40 is not for you.  You can configure your IP40 to make outbound calls to one number, usually a customer service or remittance number that is dialed often.  The IP40 is unable to dial any other numbers.  If you need to do frequent conference calls or check a voicemail account, the IP40 does not have the functionality you are looking for.

What verticals best benefit from the IP40?

Unlike most other Plantronics products, the IP40 is really best suited for only one vertical -  Inbound call centers.  Banks with telephone customer service, etailers, tech support, telemarketers who dial out on predictive dialers, and inbound sales centers would benefit best from the IP40.  These types of positions tend to take repeated inbound calls and would benefit from the basic functionality offered by the Plantronics IP40: Answer/End Call, mute, volume, and hold.  These workers often are highly populated in small desk areas where the PC is the central focus and there is not much room for a phone.

In summary, the IP40 is not for everyone.  If you are researching the best SIP phone for your high volume inbound call center, you owe it to yourself to check out the Plantronics IP40.

Posted on October 5, 2010 at 05:03 PM



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