If you run a law practice, then you know how easy it can be to feel like you’re serving both your clients’ business and personal needs.

Clients with legal troubles have real problems that they need you to help them deal with; any good lawyer knows that providing these clients with a personal touch is paramount to your success. Similarly, making sure that your own team stays in touch via today’s technology is equally important.

That’s why video conferencing is such an important part of utilizing today’s VoIP technology in a law office setting. We believe that LifeSize is one of the best providers for the solutions you’re seeking.   Read on to find out why.

Pesonal Touch in the Cloud

Utilizing cloud-based technology for its video …

Note:  This is the 2nd installment in a three part series about VoIP for law firms.  Click here for Part I.

Polycom IP 7000 Executive VoIP Conference PhoneEven if you consider yourself a citizen of the 21st century with the software and technology you use, you know that working at a legal office means you’ll still need a number of traditionally-styled pieces of hardware to keep things running smoothly.

But as you’ll discover, office and conference room phones can accomplish exactly what you’ve always expected – with the added features and capabilities of a modern VoIP system.

Don’t think there’s a good solution for regular office and conference room calling in the world of VoIP? It’s our job to tell you you’re wrong. Let’s take a look at …

Note:  This is the first installment of a three part series aimed at how VoIP systems can help law firms.  Check back for the next posts.

Are You Using These 10 Smart Phone Apps for Lawyers? Sociable Lawyer Round Up

If you’re familiar with the capabilities of a well-built VoIP phone system, then you know exactly how an office environment can benefit from reduced costs and enhanced capabilities. That’s all fine and dandy, you figure. But what if your office environment isn’t like every other business?

What if you’re running a legal firm and you need to know that your clients’ phone calls are handled properly 100% of the time?

When communicating properly is your organization’s lifeblood, you can use an integrated solution like VoIP to keep you constantly connected to the outside world. In this blog series, you’ll find out that …

byod voip

A lot of us know that VoIP services come with a lot of advantages. You can pay low overhead for a variety of phone options – and a lot of extra phone time. But there’s something else that these service providers can give you that many of us forget about: they can let you Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

What exactly is BYOD? Quite simply, it’s when you can use an already-existing device on your VoIP and SIP service, often resulting in a quick setup and a virtually nonexistent phone system transition period. Needless to say, this type of offering has a lot of advantages, for businesses as well as individuals.…

Note:  This is the 3rd installment in the Switchvox vs. 3CX series.  Click here for Part I and Part II.

Digium Small Biz Bundle For Switchvox

For most people, witnessing the advances in phone and voice technology has been all about mobile smartphones. It’s great that we have so many apps on our phones, that we can access the Internet at a moment’s notice, and that our phones are capable of doing so much more for us than they could even ten years ago.

But what about unified communications (UC) and mobile solutions together? How comprehensive has the technology really gotten? Let’s answer that question by looking at a few of the potential solutions you can use at your company from companies like Switchvox and 3CX, two of …

Note:  This is the 2nd installment in the Switchvox vs. 3CX series.  Click here for Part I.

Advantage_DisadvantageIn the world of VoIP, today’s businesses expect a lot of options. Phone conferencing, voice mail emails, call forwarding, software that has comprehensive reporting – it’s all expected as part of the regular package.

So if all of those solutions are considered standard in today’s industry, what exactly is going to set VoIP providers apart from the competition?

In the cases of Switchvox and 3CX, the answer is simple: a lot, actually. And yet these two VoIP solutions are not identical.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages that make these two companies different – and what that might …

What is a wireless VoIP network, and how can it help your business?

For the VoIP user, it’s just like making a regular phone call. VoIP access is much cheaper than traditional phone plans because VoIP service providers are using the existing infrastructure of the internet – they don’t have to build or maintain their own network of lines and towers.

A wireless VoIP network simply uses WiFi to access the internet. It’s a lot like setting up a wireless network in your house that you’d use with your laptop. In fact, companies like Cisco and Netgear that make networking devices for home networks also make VoIP devices. You might even be able to use your existing WiFi as your wireless VoIP network, depending on …

Too many small business owners hear the phrase “Voice over IP” or “VoIP” and instantly dismiss the idea as being too technical for them. But the truth is that VoIP hardware and software are not at all that difficult to use and can even make the entire experience of using a phone system more intuitive.

Of course, finding out just how intuitive they can be requires using them first.

Enter Switchvox and 3CX, two powerful services for VoIP that both offer comprehensive and yet distinct solutions for your business’ phone problems. In this series, we’ll take a look at what each of these services has to offer you – as well as their strengths and even weaknesses – and bring you up to date …

Note:  This is a guest post by Kyle Lagunas, HR Analyst at software selection resource Software Advice, who has recently written an article exploring creative benefits offerings that promote a culture of wellness, and go a long way to motivate, engage, and retain employees.

Featured in Lagunas’  full article on his HR blog, VoIP Supply is ahead of the game in offering benefits to engage and motivate employees with generous PTO programs, flexible schedules including work from home options, company funded disability insurance, and 401K benefits that exceed the norm.

However, as Lagunas points out below, there are simple things a company can do that will make a huge difference.  For example, why not leverage Unified Communications (UC) and VoIP technology to their full extent

Why We Love Spectralink

What’s not to love… all the mobility of a cell phone in a secure VoWiFi handset that we can hang on a lanyard or clip onto our belt.  With the introduction of the Spectralink 8440  and Spectralink 8450 we have HD Voice, a color choice, and a cool user interface and even the ability to barcode scan right into our laptops. 

Now the Spectralink WiFi phone by Polycom is even more verticalized for Healthcare and Manufacturing applications while still being perfect and slick looking for hospitality and retail.  


Why We (I) Hate Spectralink

I  hate talking into a phone. Period. I hate holding a phone to my ear. It is cumbersome, I need my hands for doing my job, not holding my …