Unified Communications, Mobile Solutions from Switchvox and 3CX

February 22, 2012 by Garrett Smith

Note:  This is the 3rd installment in the Switchvox vs. 3CX series.  Click here for Part I and Part II.

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For most people, witnessing the advances in phone and voice technology has been all about mobile smartphones. It’s great that we have so many apps on our phones, that we can access the Internet at a moment’s notice, and that our phones are capable of doing so much more for us than they could even ten years ago.

But what about unified communications (UC) and mobile solutions together? How comprehensive has the technology really gotten? Let’s answer that question by looking at a few of the potential solutions you can use at your company from companies like Switchvox and 3CX, two of the top providers of VoIP solutions that will astound you.

Unified Communications: A Brief List

“Unified communications” might sound like something out of Star Trek, but as you’re about to learn, there’s no reason you can’t start using them at your own company. Solutions from Switchvox, for example, allow you to use the same dashboard for the following features (and more!):

  • Voicemail management
  • Call queues
  • Conferencing and faxing
  • Call monitoring
  • 3rd party integration, including Google Maps

By managing all of these solutions from one single dashboard on your computer, you start to realize just how expansive the potential for unified communications is when using a company like Switchvox.

You might hang up from a video conferencing call with a button and then click right into someone else’s call and leave a note when you’re finished. If total integration is your goal, we can tell you: through VoIP systems, it’s possible.

Mobile Solutions for Companies with Mobile Employees

Not every company is a small company. Some have branches and so many employees that something as simple as communications can get hard to manage. That’s why companies like 3CX exist: they integrate all of your communications standards with mobile solutions that allows for smooth communication, even if your employees aren’t at the office.

For example, consider how through 3CX you can make free internal calls in your office or, you can have employees work remotely by accessing your company’s Internet Protocol Private branch exchange (IP PBX) just as easily as if they were at the office.

With easily-forwarded calls to mobile devices, your employees can also be within reach of your company’s customers at all times, ensuring a constancy of communication that can’t be had through traditional land lines.

What’s the Next Step?

Throughout this series on VoIP services like Switchvox and 3CX, we’ve explored the potential of VoIP to overhaul the way you do business. But don’t forget that VoIP also offers one distinct advantage over traditional lines: cost reduction.

Using the Internet for your phone system is not only easier, it’s also more affordable. That means the next step should be an easy one:  Determine which solution you like best and find out just how much it would cost to switch over to that VoIP system.

Use the free trial editions if you’re still unsure about what you want to do, but do make sure that your next step is toward a VoIP solution that will save your company both money and time.

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