Switchvox vs. 3CX

February 17, 2012 by Garrett Smith

Too many small business owners hear the phrase “Voice over IP” or “VoIP” and instantly dismiss the idea as being too technical for them. But the truth is that VoIP hardware and software are not at all that difficult to use and can even make the entire experience of using a phone system more intuitive.

Of course, finding out just how intuitive they can be requires using them first.

Enter Switchvox and 3CX, two powerful services for VoIP that both offer comprehensive and yet distinct solutions for your business’ phone problems. In this series, we’ll take a look at what each of these services has to offer you – as well as their strengths and even weaknesses – and bring you up to date in the world of VoIP voice solutions.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is Switchvox?

Switchvox VoIP SystemSwitchvox is, well, just about everything you can ask for out of a VoIP system. Not only does it offer VoIP solutions in droves, but its core services also allow you to use a traditional calling system in conjunction with conferencing, instant messaging, and mobile phone capabilities.

In essence, Switchvox is a total phone system for your business. The employees that want to use traditional phone lines will still be able to use those phone lines, while employees who want to experience other technology choices like video chatting will be able to handle that over Internet Protocol.

Using the Demo of Switchvox, you’ll also notice that you can view who on your team is speaking to whom.

What is 3CX?

If Switchvox is capable of delivering so much to your business, why use anything else? Enter 3CX, an IP PBX (Internet Protocol, Private branch exchange) that is well-suited for large businesses that have a number of branches to manage. While it is similar to Switchvox in that 3CX will allow users to view the activity of colleagues (reducing the need to call someone when they’re not there), 3CX focuses on providing a Windows-based solution to your VoIP needs.3CX VoIP System

The advantages of running 3CX also include incorporating traditional analog phones with the new service, as well as integration of voicemail and faxes with your email accounts. In essence, you can channel all of your communications through the 3CX communications system and keep overall company costs low.

A distinct advantage of 3CX is its free edition, which allows for features like call logging/reporting, music on hold, and conference calling. More expensive commercial editions expand upon these features and give you virtually limitless options for your company communications.

What Does it All Mean?

You’re going to learn more about VoIP systems as this series moves on, but for now, focus on the cost reductions that come through using your phone through the Internet. Without relying on traditional phone companies, you can not only slash the rates you pay on a monthly basis, but get a multitude of new software options that you can’t get with a traditional land-line phone.

3CX and Switchvox are two of the most popular options for people who want to use VoIP, so we’ll continue exploring exactly what they can do for your company.

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