When you hear the word ‘Cisco’ you may think Fortune 100 company, large enterprises, expensive equipment, trusted namebrand… But did you know that Cisco also loves to give away money???

It’s true.  Cisco is always running great programs to help make their equipment more affordable so that everyone can afford to be running an efficient and trustworthy network.

The trick is to be in the know and we at VoIP Supply would like to let you know about some great Cisco opportunities to save money and even earn money this summer from Cisco!

Get 5 for the price of 4

Cisco is running fantastic specials, basically a buy 4 get the 5th free, on their three most popular IP Phones and switches!

If you are going to be buying the equipment anyway, make sure you are buying it right!  When you add any increment of 5 of these phones or switches to your cart on www.Voipsupply.com, the 5th unit will be discounted off your cart automatically.

Keep this in mind if you were planning on just buying 4 of something.  Below is the complete list of items we are offering 5 for the price of 4 on! Hurry, this promotion expires July 31st!



Wireless APs

IP Cameras

SPA303G SG200-08 WAP4410N PVC2300
SPA504G SGE2000P WVC2300
SPA525G2 SGE2000

Trade-Up Rebates

Cisco is offering a trade up rebate to you when you upgrade to a Cisco switch or router!   But this rebate is only good if you are replacing an ELIGIBLE switch, router, or wireless access point with Cisco Gear.  The ‘catch’ right.

So what is eligible? According to Cisco’s legal department, an “eligible” trade up product is

“…any switching, routing, security, or wireless product that is (a) actively in-use by Customer and in good working condition immediately prior to trade-in and destruction under this Program, and (b) intended for use by businesses with up to 1000 employees.”

You have that don’t you? I thought so.  The best part, you don’t have to actually trade it in! All you need to do is agree that you will not use it anymore and will use your Cisco product instead by completing a Letter of Destruction.

No mailing in heavy equipment, no sending in serial numbers….  If your product is still in good working order but you don’t have use for it anymore why not let VoIP Supply RECLAIM it, thereby further helping you save money on your new equipment purchase?

Unify your Voice Bundle Rebates

So maybe you are not replacing old switches but you are installing a whole new phone system!  No doubt  you have seen all the buzz about the new Cisco UC500 Unified Communications platform and were very impressed.

Now is the time to get your Cisco UC500 and Cisco Small Business IP Phones.  When you buy both the UC system and the Cisco Small Business phones the phones are eligible for a $10 ‘”Mail-In Rebate” when purchased with a Cisco UC500 or UC300 system.

I put quotation marks around the phrase Mail-In-Rebate because who really uses snail mail anymore? It is all online… the only thing you must have is the serial number of your new Cisco equipment and your VoIP Supply invoice in PDF format!

To learn more, click Cisco Rebate Program on the VoIP Supply webpage.

Posted on June 21, 2011 at 07:00 PM



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