Late last week rumors surrounding the acquisition of FreeSWITCH by Barracuda Networks  through the open source telephony community like a California wild fire.

The only problem was they weren’t true.

What started as a speculative post by one open source proponent on Wednesday of last week, mushroomed over night, leading to a series of blog posts, forum chatter and tweets on Thursday and the early part of Friday morning.

Suspecting that something was not right, since Barracuda Networks doesn’t seem like a “fit” (and as a media sponsor of FreeSWITCH’s ClueCon developers conference, we figured we’d get a heads up), the VoIP Insider reached out to Anthony Minessale (the owner of FreeSWITCH) for comment.

In a breif email exchange, Anthony explained that FreeSWITCH had not been acquired by Barracuda Networks and that the whole rumor has its roots in the fact that a few months back Anthony took a position at Barracuda.

Good enough for us.

I guess you can chalk this whole thing up to a case of someone reading too in between the lines and others not reading close enough.

Disclosure: The VoIP Insider is a media sponsor of the ClueCon Telephony Developer’s Conference. For more information about ClueCon, please check out this post.


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