3CX Gateway for Skype is software based application designed to run on on the same host computer/server as the Windows-based 3CX Phone System. 3CX Gateway for Skype is a free add-on for 3CX Phone System users, including those using the free edition. You an now easily integrate Skype with your 3CX phone system using 3CX Gateway for Skype. With 3CX Gateway for Skype, inbound Skype calls can be forwarded to call queues and ring groups, IVRs and other voice applications within your 3CX phone system.

3CX Gateway for Skype

3CX Gateway for Skype allows companies to save significantly by using Skype for outbound calls. More-over, users can redirect calls to Skype numbers when out of the office and leverage Skype clients on iPhone and Windows mobile.” Said Nick Galea, 3CX CEO. A Skype account can also be published on the website so that customers can call the company free of charge. Skype calls will be channeled through the company phone system just as any other call and be forwarded to regular call queues. This can be significant competitive advantage for many web based businesses, continued Nick Galea.

3CX Gateway for Skype includes the following features:

  • Fully software based with no need for a separate box
  • Full support for inbound and outbound Skype calling
  • Ability to specify a master account, which will transfer incoming
  • Calls to other Skype accounts and so keep the main Skype account free for calls
  • Supports latest versions of Skype™ client
  • Quickly add additional Skype accounts from the 3CX interface
  • Shows credit available for each Skype account
  • Automatic call logging

3CX Gateway for Skype can be downloaded from the 3CX website, along with a detailed configuration guide which can be found here.

VoIPSupply.com offers free pre-sales consultation and support for the 3CX Software Based PBX for Windows. If you have questions regarding 3CX, please contact one of our 3CX product specialists at 800.398.8647.


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