Cisco SPA504G

The Cisco SPA504G joins the already released Cisco SPA525G as part of the Cisco Small Business Pro product line. The Cisco SPA504G is a 4 line IP phone with dual switched ethernet ports and support for IEEE Power Over Ethernet (POE). The Cisco SPA504G can also be powered via an external AC power supply (not included with the phone).

Cisco SPA504G

The Cisco SPA504G carries a list price of $189. You can purchase the Cisco SPA504G IP Phone now on for $144.95/ea. The Cisco SPA504G is intended for general or executive use. The SPA504G also features a Full Duplex Speakerphone, Message Waiting Indicator Light, 4-way navigation key, and 12 button dial pad, dedicated illuminated buttons for Volume, Hold, Menu settings and Voicemail access.

The Cisco SPA504G supports a variety of compression codecs including the popular G.729a codec. The SPA504G also supports G.722 for High Definition Audio. The Cisco SPA504G features a web UI for local provisioning and can also be provisioned remotely via TFTP, HTTP or HTTPS. Other features of the Cisco SPA504G include remote in-service firmware upgrade, XML configuration files, 256 Bit AES encryption of configuration files, and asynchronous notification of Upgrade Availability via SIP Notify.

If additional line support is required, the Cisco SPA504G is fully compatible with the Cisco SPA500S attendant console, and can accomodate up to 2 expansion modules (Up to 64 additional lines)

The Cisco Small Business Pro series IP telephones include the SPA501G, SPA502G, SPA504G, SPA508G, SPA509G, SPA525G and the SPA500s Attendant console. These are the first IP phone products that Cisco has released since merging Linksys into the Cisco brand. In addition to SIP, these products also support Cisco’s SPCP (Smart Phone Control Protocol). With dual SIP and SPCP support in the same firmware, these IP phones can be used on popular Asterisk based platforms as well as on Cisco’s UC500 small business IP communications platform.

It is likely the the Cisco SPA5XX series phones will eventually replace the Linksys / Cisco SPA9XX and IP500 phones. Stay tuned to The VOIP Insider for further coverage of the SPA504G IP Phone as well as the other models with the Cisco Small Business Pro product line.



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  1. Hai,

    I just want to know that, Cisco SPA504G IP Phone can be setup to use a provider of our choice?

    We should not be bound to use Cisco specified SIP providers. Is this possible?
    Please inform me as soon as possible.


    Jithin k

    • Garrett Smith

      @ Jithin

      The Cisco SPA504G is shipped unlocked and can be used with any service provider that allows you to bring your own SIP device (and supports the SPA504G).

  2. The Cisco SPA504G would work on the same SYSTEM as the Cisco SPA8800 but they wouldn’t work together per se. The SPA8800 has 4 FXS and 4 FXO ports on it. These ports would be used for connecting an IP PBX to the PSTN or for connecting analog devices to an IP PBX. The SPA504 is an IP Phone, not an analog one, so to use the SPA504G, you would need to connect it to a switch connected to your IP PBX. If that IP PBX is SIP and you are using the SPA8800 as a gateway for your IP PBX, then yes, the SPA504 will work with the SPA8800.